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Setting & Weather

No description

Erica Xia

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Setting & Weather

It's More Than Just
Rain or Snow Anjali Kumari, Aalaa Mohamed, Erica Xia Spring can symbolize... Rain can symbolize... New Life & Restoration Illness & Death Can be a plot device or set the
atmosphere/mood Relates to
Spring Hope Awakening Renewal (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Rainbows can symbolize.. Divine Promise Peace on Earth Snow can be... clean
warm (ironically)
filthy EXAMPLE... The snow scene from the Disney movie Bambi Example.. From the novel Wuthering Heights, in the beginning when Lockwood is trapped outside Wuthering Heights in the cold weather. Rain brings rebirth, new growth,
return to a new green world "April showers bring May flowers" Rain can cause a cold, pneumonia, or death. Restoration, renewal, rebirth Goes along with rain as symbol of
renewal and restoration. After a long, barren winter, the arrival of spring represents hope and new strength/livelihood In winter, the animals hibernate and plants are barren, but when spring arrives everything is awakened Ex: Noah's ark. After the earth flooded, the rainbow represents God's promise to mankind that a flood of destruction would never come again. Rainbows are colorful, cheerful, happy ...a number of many different meanings. Snow can be used to fit the author's tone/mood, not limited to just one meaning. a curiously strange, white blanketed landscape... "Weather is never just weather. It's never just rain" (Foster 75) "Rain can bring the world back to life, to new growth, to the
return of the green world" (Foster 77). At the end of the novels The Kite Runner and The Catcher in the Rye, rain is used to cleanse, replenish, and heal the characters. Example: In Catch-22 Snowden's names has the word 'snow' in it and when he is dying he tells Yossarian he feels cold. Here, snow is used to enhance the idea that bureaucracy's treatment of soldiers is cold and cruel. In addition, it emphasizes that bureaucracy tramples on the lives of soldiers as if they were lifeless matter. Example: Disney's Bambi uses snow in two ways. The first as playful and inviting as Bambi frolics in the snow; the other as mournful. The snow falls after Bambi's mother's death as if to mourn her and comfort the newly orphaned Bambi. Example: Wealth, prosperity Leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: an elusive source of wealth that can't be attained-because the end of the rainbow can never be reached "Rain prompts ancestral memories of the most profound sort. So water in great volume speaks to us at a very basic level of our being" (Foster 75). Example In The Lion King, the rainfall after Simba's battle with Scar symbolizes Simba's rebirth and it marks the beginning of his rule as a wise king as well as his resolution with the past. Always check the weather and setting in works of literature. It probably means something. In order to understand the author's use of weather, pay attention to imagery, diction, tone, and atmosphere.
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