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Helping Process Phases

No description

Kris P

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Helping Process Phases

Assessment Phase
Assessment and Strategy
Strengths based approach

Planning - STPC

Focus - secondary education
Continued support
Exchange contact information
Open communication
Resources and services
Helping Process Phases
Learning Team D
Delores L
Juby I
Kristy P

On and off learner

Problems tend to go up and down

Eligible for work study

Brenda Brooks (F)
McClam, T., & Woodside, M. (2012). The helping process: Assessment to termination. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

University of Phoenix. (2015). Problem solving and setting goals. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, BSHS395 website.

University of Phoenix. (2015). Understanding problems. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, BSHS 395 website.

High school 9th - 12th grade
Single parent
Work study applications
Scholarships workshop
Student daycare services
Pre-martial classes
Strong desire to improve life for child
Attendance improved
Grades steadily going up
Now enjoys reading
Learning how to better cope with stress
Home life improved
After graduation
Area of Concern
Stress to distress


less balanced reactions
(University of Phoenix, 2015)
(University of Phoenix, 2015)
Additional information
Testing scores
Any questions?
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