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Leadership: People-Management

No description

Juhainah Turqueza

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Leadership: People-Management

Leadership: People-Management
The act of leading, motivating, instructing, inspiring and encouraging others.
One who is in charge or in command of others
A group of people with different skills and different tasks, who work together on a common project, service, or goal.
Communication - imparting or exchanging of information and ideas

Collaboration - action of working with someone to produce or create something

Cooperation - process of working together to the same end

Compromise - a way of reaching agreement in which each person or group gives up something that was wanted
a. enlist others in a common vision
b. foster collaboration
c. strengthen others
d. recognize contributions
Focus Commitment
Why is teamwork important?
Leadership Styles
different teams have different leadership styles, it depends on the goal the are trying to achieve
Visionary - to move people towards a new set of shared dreams; needs a new direction

Coaching - one-on-one style which focuses on developing individuals, showing them how to improve their performance

Affiliative - emphasizes the importance of team work, and creates harmony in a group by connecting people to each other
Democratic - works best when the direction the organization should take is unclear, and the leader needs to tap the collective wisdom of the group

Pacesetting - the leader sets high standards for performance

Commanding - the most often used, but the least often effective. Because it rarely involves praise and frequently employs criticism
1. What are the focus commitments under People Management?
2. What makes a group achieve teamwork?
Review Questions:
One vision with others through communication
Form ideas through collaboration
Strengthen others through constructive criticism
Recognize Contributions
Criticism vs. Constructive Criticism
Criticism - analysis and judgment of a literary or artistic work

Constructive Criticism - analysis and judgment which aims to improve the work
making melodies in my heart (3x)
for the king and queen
thumbs in
elbows up
knees bent
feet apart
turn around
tongue out
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