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#11 Economic Issues After World War II

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David Kays

on 2 August 2018

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Transcript of #11 Economic Issues After World War II

Organization of Petroleum
Exporting Countries
(OPEC): created by oil-producing countries to determine price of oil & production levels
*oil or petroleum is among the world's
most important natural resources
Oil Politics
European Union
(EU): org. to include 27 countries in Europe; decreased tariffs & they use one currency ("Euro")
*Various regions created organizations to increase trade; including -
#11 Economic Issues After World War II
North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA): US, Canada, Mexico lower tariffs
to increase trade among the three
*both org. are examples of economic cooperation & interdependence
*most of the world's oil is
located in the Middle East;
it developed wealth & influence
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