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Harlem Renaissance (MA RAINEY)

No description

triana brown

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance (MA RAINEY)

MA RAINEY :) Ma Rainey was born April 26, 1886 in Columbus, Georgia Ma Rainey's childhood was very active . At a very early age her talent as a singer was very noticeable. Around the age of 8, she start studying different types of music styles. When she was 10, her father died. Once he died, she decided she wanted to be a professional singer, in memories of her dad. She did many shows around her city to show off her skills. Ma Rainey's inspiration was her dad. Her dad passed when she was 10. After he died, she said she wanted to become a professional singer, in honor of her dad. Ma Rainey had 1 main obstacle
HER APPERANCE; everyone used to judge her by her looks and not taking her serious about her amazing voice. Ma Rainey made a BIG impact on blues, without her, there would not be great blues music, cause she took blues to another level "MA RAINEY" She died December 22, 1939 from a heart attack at age 53 Birth name is Gertrude Pridgett MA RAINEY She was ranked the ugliest girl in show business around her time. She was a big woman with a mouthful of gold teeth. . Then once she began getting more known , she start offering audiences more than 1 style of music.
She began to work into her rabbit foot minstrels act (a minstrel show was a group of black performers in stereotyped black makeup, with red lips that sing and danced). Which caused Rainey's fame to began to grow. Ma Rainey had an early start with her career. When she was young she was already performing, so she just went on from there. Once she got old enough, she start searching for places to sing at to make money. Which would start her own little business. Unfortunately her little business didn't work out. Once she realized her music style, was not fitting her. She changed to blues. QUEEN OF BLUES "1920" QUEEN OF BLUES "2012" Shemeika Copeland brought many new things to the table and created a new style of singing blues. I compared Ma and Shemeika because they are both great blues singers, just at different time periods. They both changed blues alot. Triana Brown
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