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Christopher Mills

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of IMG UK CMills

Navigate by hovering the mouse in the bottom right hand corner and clicking through... I want to take you on a journey ...
to tell you about a guy called
Christopher Mills... a guy thatis creative,
engaging, personable, inspiring ... who wants to share his experience, in the hope that you will see something in him, for the role of Event Manager ... The events industry was always of interest in one way or another ... growing up within the arts, going to the ballet, eating great food ... it was these occasions that inspired my choice of career ... Bachelor of Music
(Hons) 2.1 Since 2005 I have worked... Conferences Weddings Award Ceremonies Product Launches Fine dining Venue Agency Press Stunts Parties Filming Ceremonies Sporting Live Events Exhibitions Call Chris...


or email him..

cpmills2404@aol.co.uk Large scale consumer, experiential and B2B engaging events are what excite me...

London Fashion Week, awards shows for Siemens, launch ceremonies for BBC, Christmas parties for the Ultimate Experience. I am excited by the momemtum of events, the fast pace turnover and skill it takes to pull off a true occasion.

It's all about the finer detail in the bigger picture. The guest experience and the skills to realise it. Picture taken of The Diamond performing at the Structural Awards 2008 "Sex up the City Scape" - Event Magazine in regards to the Structural Awards 2008... Experience... I am a born planner. I consider the guest experience and forecast effectively. With the Structural Awards it was all about change - a chance to do something different, to use an event to reach out to people. We did a complete refurb

For me it is about delivering the wow factor in both the operations and planning of the event. I live and breath events and love this industry.
My involvement...

Full coordination of the event. Project planning and forecasting a budget to cover all expenditure

Venue, supplier and contractor sourcing

Creative process, pitching ideas, realising concepts through mood boards

Technical production planning, lighting design, set design, fabric sourcing, sound and voice-over

Menu creation, forming the guest experience, operations and delivery of event

Working with stakeholders and sponsors, branding event and maximising commercial opportunities

Selling tickets and monitoring all income
Picture taken of one of my production setups Knowledge and Skills... Working at the Science Museum was an amazing experience. I was fortunate to work with some of the most respected suppliers in the industry, acquiring skills and knowledge of production, technical requirements and the complex nature of running events.

I am an event manager at heart and love to watch the whole thing come together.

Some of the brands I have managed events for:
Science Museum I enjoy managing multiple projects and prioritising my workload to accomodate deadlines... the museum closed at 18.00 and our events started at 19.30 - big turn arounds, which I love... I take pride in being able to communicate well. I enjoy meeting new people and socialising at networking events. I speak and write in a professional tone of voice and enjoy communicating with people from various walks of life.

I am an advanced user of Microsoft Office and have a GNVQ qualification in Information, Communication and Technology. My typing speed is 60 words per minute.

I have experience of working with two industry recognised databases that assist with the planning and operations of events within venues. These are Events Perfect and Integra.
I enjoy the flexibility that working in events offers. I am a hardworking individual who can cope with long hours and irregular working patterns.

I enjoy variety at work and thrive in being able to tackle new challenges on a day to day basis. I love exploring new and exciting
restaurants and sampling good food and wine. I’m interested in culture and fashion,
I enjoy reading literature and industry publications,visiting museums and learning
new design skills.
This role would give me a chance to explore my own skills as an events professional in a wider capacity, with the benefit of being surrounded by many different personalities, and experts in different fields, working towards a common goal.

I am positive that I could make a contribution to the brand and further enhance its awareness and membership through events. I am dedicated and motivated to achieve exceptional results in my own work and I am positive that I can reflect this for IMG UK LTD.

Above all, I like to be challenged, to work in a stimulating environment and to always be pushed to achieve the best.

Taking all of this into consideration, I feel like I would be a good candidate for the position of Event Manager for IMG UK LTD.
So why IMG?... I love brands and I am admirer of IMG and its audience.

I have an emotional attachment to IMG as an events company and I am passionate about uniting brands with events and the media.I feel proud to be a supporter of your events and I would relish the opportunity to contribute to the brand as an employee.

I have managed large-scale projects from conception to delivery and now wish to progress my knowledge and skills further.
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