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Collaboration 2.0

Using technology to enables students to collaborate

Jordan Kent

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of Collaboration 2.0

Collaboration 2.0
Don Tapscott
Technology should be omnipresent
Students should always collaborate
Using the internet to collaborate is easy
Teachers need to be techie nerds
I am not suggesting that...
Francis Picabia's
"The Cacodylic Eye"
Individual versus Group
Francis Picabia's "The Cacodylic Eye" and Web 2.0
Web 2.0
Issues with collaboration 2.0
4 key concepts around collaboration

7 internet tools for student collaboration

4 internet tools for professional collaboration
The Academic Response
Chris created a facebook group for a Chemistry assignment
School threatened expulsion and charged him with 147 counts of academic misconduct
As a result of a public outcry, the school reversed its decision
Social Networking Project
Why use wikis?
Students learn basic webdesign
Students create multimedia texts
Students create non-linear texts
Wiki will last a long time and can be easily shared with parents, faculty, and future students
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Easy sign-up
Concept and tools need to be introduced to students
Recommend: 3 students per page maximum
Recommend: Ad-free educational account
What is Etherpad?
A site that is designed for the creation of written texts by multiple users. Google bought this technology for use in Google Wave. Contains three panels: the main text, a chat box, and a list of users.
Why use Etherpad?
A great tool for the creation of collaborative documents
How easy is it to use?
5 / 5
Maximum of four users
No sign-up
Exports file as word document, pdf, or plain text
Ability to view history
Any variety of collaborative writing projects
A fun collaborative creative writing activity
Brainstorming: having students come up with a plan or proposal
Small group research projects
Essays =)
What is VoiceThread?
A site that allows its participants to have a group discussion about digital texts.
Why use VoiceThread?
Group discussions can be easily evaluated because comments and questions are recorded
Students are able to put more thought into their comments
Ease of Use
2 / 5
Sign-up for every participant required
Students require training before beginning. Also, students will need to play around the site before they are comfortable.
Very "slinky" still
Analysing visual texts
Topical discussions
Google Docs or Adobe Buzzword
What is Google Docs or Adobe Buzzword?
Microsoft Office meets cloud computing
These tools allow you to create text documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
Why use Google Docs or Adobe Buzzword?
Avoids expensive software products
Students can excess documents without being on the same computer
Multiple students can access the same document
Ease of Use?
3 ½ / 5
Google account required
Takes little time to convert Office knowledge to new tools
Any projects
What is Google Wave?
Wave is Google's response to "What would email look like if it were invented today?"
It hasn’t been a fully successful project but foreshadows the future of online communication
Google Wave
Ease of Use
1 / 5
Still requires invitation from google
Requires Google account
What is a social networking project?
Take popular social networking sites and use them to explore literary characters or historical figures
Why use it with students?
Learn characterization
Great way to access novel/play
Students really learn from the work of other students
Students learn about the construction of identity through social networking sites
Ease of Use
3 / 5 (Surprising, huh?)
Students that have been using the social networking site in the past will have no problems. However, students that are not familiar with it will need some time to become familiar with all its features.
As a teacher, I found it took me some time to identify my expectations for the project because I was unfamiliar with the social networking site
Literature Characters go 2.0
What is Skype?
Skype is a program that allows you to make phone calls over the internet.
Why use Skype in your classroom?
Collaboration with other classes
Expert guests
How easy is it to use?
3 / 5
Requires account, dowload, and coordination
Students report that one of the most common topics of conversation on the social networking scene is education. Almost 60 percent of students who use social networking talk about education topics online and, surprisingly, more than 50 percent talk specifically about schoolwork.
National School Boards Association's
Creating & Communicating:
Research and Guidelines on Online Social - and Educational - Networking
The report recommends that schools explore and utilize social networking sites.
How easy is Cacoo to use?
4 / 5
Requires email sign-up, but email isn't checked
Requires user to add partners to their page
What is Headmagnet?
Digital flashcards
Why use Headmagnet?
Fun way to memorise information
Identifying visuals
Students get to share flashcards
Provides useful feedback
Ease of use
3 / 5
Requires sign-up
Requires some instruction on how to create flashcards
Requires some instruction of how to organise sharing
Group or individual studying
Increasing vocubulary
Novel characters
What is Delicious?
Sugar pie
A social bookmarking site
Saves bookmarks on internet rather than on computer
Why use Delicious?
Tagging: Great way to organize bookmarks
Access from any computer
Get links from colleagues and leaders from your field
Stumble Upon
Ease of use
4 / 5
Requires login
Toolbar is beneficial
# 2 - You see 2 tools that you can use in the next few months
Presentation Goals
# 1 - You leave with a positive attitude about using internet tools to collaborate
# 3 - You have a good time and share this presentation with colleagues
What is a Ning?
A small social network, usually with users that have a common interest
Ease of use
3 / 5
Requires sign-up
Needs social networking awareness
Beneficial if used frequently
What is a webinar?
Seminar + Web = Webinar
Ease of use
3 / 5
Finding out about good webinars
Requires small downloads
Requires self-discipline
Why attend webinars?
Learning on own time in a comfy chair
Pursue own interests
Access to world experts
Webchat with friends and acquaintances that can enlighten a topic
Guest speaker from other city
What is Drop.io?
A site where you can upload any file
Tip of the iceberg
Why use Drop.io?
Great for sharing files with students and colleagues
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Sign up required
Basic use is simple
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Beware: very addictive
What is a PLN?
PLNs: Personal Learning Networks becoming ever more popular
Why use an online PLNs?
Customised to your learning needs and style
Avoid travel cost
Those who learn to use PLNs properly gain emmensely
Literacy redefined
We are shifting into a new age
Internet sites or web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing
How old?
January 2001
QEP - Skills (left-brain) to Competencies (right-brain)
Dan Pink in A Whole New Mind suggests that we are moving from an industrial world dominated by left-brain logical thinking to a right-brained intuitive world.
"Net Geners are natural collaborators"
Don Tapscott's Grown Up Digital
Mark Zuckerberg
Co-founder of Facebook
Facebook: 350 million users
Exam for an art history course called Rome of Augustus
Mark, "I was just completely screwed"
Created website, put pictures, and placed a small comment by every picture.
Within 24 hours, comments turned into sophisticated discussion
Everyone passed with flying colours
Professor's response
Founder of Facebook suggests, "In order for us to be successful in this century, we're going to need to be more connected and we're going to need to have a better sense of understanding of where other people are coming from."
9 y/o
Why is collaboration so important?
The internet is in its infancy
Jordan Kent
... and many more
Delicious: delicious.com/mr.kent
Twitter: twitter.com/jordankent
Email: jkent@wqsb.qc.ca OR mrjordankent@gmail.com
Problem of Competitiveness
Problem of Assessment
Problem with Technology at Home
Problem of Technology at School
Thank you
What does a slinky, viagra, and web 2.0 tools have in common?
In Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky argues that the internet is revolutionising the way we organise socially.
Don Tapscott in Grown Up Digital examines 8 norms of this generation. He suggests that these eight norms are changing the world.
The world is changing
The internet plays a central role
We as educators must understand this change and not resist it
Jordan's Conclusions
What does this all mean?
Collaboration is a must for this generation
7 internet tools for student collaboration
Educators must respond positively
The Internet is changing literacy
4 internet tools for professional collaboration
Most web 2.0 tools have a discovered purpose and not a created purpose
Web 2.0 is continually evolving
Net Geners
What's your comfort level with using computers in the classroom?
Workplaces of all kinds are seeking employees that are efficient collaborators
What does this mean to us as educators?
What it is
Why you should use it
How easy it is to use
Project ideas
and others
Who's Mark?
Presentation Goals
# 1 - You leave with a positive attitude about using internet tools to collaborate
# 2 - You see 2 tools that you can use in the next few months
# 3 - You have a good time and share this presentation with colleagues
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