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Style and fashion

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Style and fashion

Mental training
Practice mental training with your coach, be positive and repeat the affirmations with energy.
''I'm working in a call center.''
''My English is excellent''
''Mistakes are good.''
Fluency and diet review
Pair up and practice the following questions face to face, remember
to use intonations.
Tell me about yourself.
Tell me about a bad customer service experience.
What will you do after this job interview?
Grammar test
By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Talk about different styles
Share your favorite brands when buying clothes
Give your opinion about styles in El Salvador
Warm up
Work in trios and discuss the following statements.
1- What does it mean to be fashion?
2- What do you think about retro styles?
3- How would you define
your style? Conservative, trendy, casual, sexy, slutty, classic, elegant, etc.
30 seconds non-stop
Interview a famous person
Your coach will select trainees to come to the front, impersonate a famous person and answer the questions from the class.
Lady Gaga
David Beckham
Make up a commercial
Make groups and choose a brand, then come to the front and make a commercial.
Give your opinion about the following images.
Look at the pictures below and describe their routines in 30 seconds.
Wrap up
Go to the front and tell the class what you did in the class step by step since you arrived.
According to your knowledge select the correct answer. Coach will ask.
1. What __________ when i called?
A. Was you doing
B. You doing
C. You did
D. Were you doing

2. What ______ your favourite food as a child?
A. Will
B. Were
C. Would be
D. Is

3- I will speak _________ Suzzanne when i see her.
A. Around
B. To
C. Towards
D. At

4-Change this verb to past tense. Go
A. Gone
B. Went
C. Goes
D. Going

5-The bus _______ arrives late during bad weather.
A. every week
B. later
C. yesterday
D. always

Grammar test
According to your knowledge select the correct answer. Coach will ask.
6-Do you ____________ where the nearest grocery store is?
A. know
B. no
C. now
D. not

7-We were __________ friends in that strange but magical country.
A. upon
B. among
C. toward
D. in addition to

8- I come ____ England.
A. to
B. from
C. at
D. in
9- _______ to school yesterday?
A. Do you walk
B. Did you walked
C. Did you walk
D. Have you walked
10- I went to the shop_____ some chocolates.
A. to buying
B. for buy
C. to buy
D. for to buy

-What do you think about these girls?
-Do you consider their parents support them?
Give a solution
Check the following situation and give some advices, then go to the next slide to see the results.
You are the owner of a big company and you need a new receptionist, she has all the experience and profile required, but there's a peculiar characteristic that you don't like...
Her style.
Give her advices to change her style.
Give a solution - Part 2
to go to beauty salon and get a haircut,
has to...
Check the following situation and give some advices.
Would you give her the job? Explain why
Do you think the appearance is important to get a job? Explain your answer.
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