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Event Project Planning Midterm -

No description

Rolando Acuna

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Event Project Planning Midterm -

Our company The world of Hospitality - SHMS 2013 AIM: Objectives: Creating something different that you haven't ever seen before. Something unforgettable, something spectacular...... creating memories that last a lifetime. Official Event Program Theme Our team is the best Organizational Chart Gantt Chart Admission System Security & Safety Plan Décor/ Staging plan Entertainment Marketing & Sponsorship plan Food and Beverage plan HR Plan Budget Allocation Conclusions Thank you for choosing us ! For our kids For our guests 2 tickets for
Disneyland Paris!! Exceed the expectations of our guests and sponsors
Overcome positive feedback from the last WOH
Promoting SHMS - SEG - Swiss education -Swiss hospitality - Switzerland
To encouraged guest to explore the campus and to experience all of the activities that are on offer including
Get important feedback from different sources to contunie grow as an organization Venue 5th of May 2013 Sponsors Reception Kid's club Gran Hall Maxx Club Market place 140 Volunteers
3° YEARS OUR WORKFORCE Food & Beverage 28/ Service 16 Logistic & Decoration 18/ Entertainment 25 & Kids Club 20 Housekeeping 15 Guest Relation 18 Thank you for choosing us Expected guests

Cover by person
27.14 CHF

Total Budget
9500 CHF

OverBudget 1000 Emergency Exits
Fire Alarm
Medical support
First Aid kit

Bacalhau a lagareiro (oven-baked cod with olive oil and small potatoes)
Salade de Polvo (squid salad)
Ameijoa de bulhao pato (clams in a thin duck sauce)
Porco de alentejana (pork and clams)
Bacalhau a braz (salt cod)
Mousse de chocolate (chocolate mousse)


Dry shrimp roe noodles
Portuguese egg tarts {Pastéis de nata}
Pork buns
Portuguese Duck Rice
Fried Bacalhau Balls {Bolinhos de bacalhau}
Serradura {Macau Sawdust Pudding} Las Vegas
The riserva steak
Hot N Juicy style shrimp
Consome loco and cochinita pibil tacos
Nachos Nachos Nachos
Chicken fried lobster
Red Velvet pancakes

Franjelico Bombe
Butter Pecan Tart
fariná (a.k.a. socca)

Lamb Moussaka served with Greek Salad & Olive Bread
Oriental prawn & mussel curry , jasmine rice & sambals
Mushroom risotto with pesto trapanese & parmesan
Quiche , served with semi-dried tomato & herbs salad
Salty caramel cup cake & hokey pokey
“Ouma se souskluitjies” International Art Buffet Our last special touch Photography World of Hospitality
Thank you for your presence Souvenier Chocolate-covered magic wands
Lucky Star Sugar Cookies
Gruesome Pizza
Wishing Bowl
Fortune Cookies
Popcorn surprise
Rainbow Mockail
Magic Potion Punch For our Kids Avery Island Punch
Sparkling Pomegranate Punch
Axis Kiss
Early Autumn
Tornado Twist



VIN DE PAYS DU COMTE TOLOSAN We proposed you an entertainment & feasible idea theme.
We proposed you an average budget within the market
Our staff is 100% professional and with experience
We are capable to make your event the best one.
Our company is reliable and trustworthy MI-VIP & CO is a specialist Event Management company which has been providing the best service for more than 10 years . Our job is not only about organizing events but creating memories for each of our VIPs . Our passion , talent and skills towards the events have made us unique in our own way during the process of event planning . We have been organizing different types of events such as wedding , conference but our main focus are always be this kind of banquet-style event so we are very confident that we can provide you and your guest with an amazing event . Description: children safe 1.A bell will be placed on the door so whenever the kids go out of the place , the person in charge will know 2.A badge will be sticked on the kids’ clothes so whenever the kids leave the place , the staff will know that they’re the children of the guests
3.A kids’ guard gate will be placed in order to prevent the kids from exiting the room without noticing Rolando Acuna Scarlet Jinyoung Cindy Wong Entertainmet Lok Chow Brian Pun Multicultural Decorations Brian Scarlet Cindy Lok Transportation
& Parking lot For our special guests
Diet plan
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