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Final Book Report - Catching Fire

This book report explores the story and adventure of Catching fire the second book of the hunger games and discusses three of the main characters with a quote from each.

kilian zindel

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Final Book Report - Catching Fire

CATCHING FIRE The Second Book of THE HUNGER GAMES New York Times Bestselling Author SUZANNE COLLINS POINT OF VIEW Catching Fire is written from first person point of view. SETTING The adventure Catching Fire has too tell streches across Panem from district 13 to the capitol. Panem is a future nation located in what is today called the U.S.A. MAIN CHARACTER 1 Katniss Everdeen is a young 16 year old girl who was tributed to the 49th annual hunger games. She and Peeta Mellark defied the capitol by forcing them to let them both go when it has always been that only one child gets out alive.
In Catching Fire Katniss is sent back to the arena for the 50th Hunger Games. MAIN CHARACTER 2 Peeta Mellark is a boy from district 12 who is deeply in love with Katniss. He and her had both survived the last hunger games and now it is Peeta's goal to protect her in the second. MAIN CHARACTER 3 President snow is the president of Panem. He has been president for years. The reason he has managed to stay in office for so long is because he has poisoned his enemies. He eliminates his competition so they cannot demote him in anyway. PLOT SUMMARY In Catching Fire the adventure begins when Katniss and Peeta are chosen as tributes for the hunger games. Then when they are taken to the capitol to prepare for the hunger games they meet a few friends that will help them win. During the hunger games Katniss and Peeta have a few alliances with Finick, Mags, Wiress, Beetee and Jonas. Wiress and Mags die early. Wiress is drowned and Mags is caught in an acid fog. Many of the tributes have died when Beetee comes up with a plan to blow up the arena, he fastens a wire to a lightning tree and when the lightning hits it will electrify the wire which will be attached to an arrow and then shot into the force field with the wire and it will blow up the force field. Katniss manages to do this. Then hovercrafts swarm over the arena and take the remaning tributes, the hovercrafts are from Districts 13. Katniss is taken to district 13 safely but Peeta is captured by the capitol. CONFLICT The conflict in Catching Fire fits into the category man vs. man. Katniss and Peeta are stuck in an arena and have to kill all the other tributes in order to survive. CLMAX Katniss fires the arrow into the force field and blows up the arena and is rescued by the capitol. Resolution Katniss is rescued from the arena by district 13 hover crafts but unfortunately Peeta is captured. Theme I think the theme of Catching Fire was the Hunger Games.The Hunger Games is the main event in Catching Fire and the first book: The Hunger Games. I LOVED THIS BOOK I loved catching fire. It is an exciting book, you always want to read another chapter and you don't want to quit and there is always a surprise after every chapter. “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.” This quote was before the hunger games and means that katniss does not want to go to the hunger games and wants to stay on the roof with Peeta. "It can no way replace your losses, but as a token of our thanks we'd like for each of the tributes' families from District Eleven to receive one month of our winnings every year for the duration of our lives." Peeta is offering the families of the dead children a gift to show kindness and ask for particial forgiveness. “ … you have provided spark which left unattended may grow into an inferno …” President snow is telling katniss that by defieng the capitol she may have started(sparked) a revolution.
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