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Career Shadowing 2010

ESE Pre-K 9X7

Tori Hogg

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing 2010

ESE Pre-K 9X7 1.purpose of the company:
to teach ESE and regualar Pre-K. help them grow and develop in all ways. 2.Where will this company be in 15 years?
still teaching ESE and regualar Pre-K children. 3.What employability skills are need to work for this company?
be on time
do assigned work
be prepared 4.Average salary and education needed to work there.
3400, bachlers degree in early childhood education 5.Technology used in this job:
email,lesson plans,word doc. print pictures
6.skills needed for this job:
patience,entruing, be a mother, friend,teacher, loving, have to like kids. 7.Would you like to pursue a career with this comapny?
yes,this is what i wnat to do in life after i get my doctrit degree in teaching. 8.What did you like best about this job?
playing with kids,its fun. 9.What did you dislike about this job?
There is not very much I dislike, just that they cry when they do not get there ways or have to share. dailey schedule:
7:45-8:10- arrivel,sign in, independent table activites, attendence,pledge
8:10-8:35-breakfast with instructors
8:35-8:55-morning circle,dailey news,social skills/peace education
8:55-9:40-outdoor play
9:40-10:00-small group activites/ready readers activites
10:00-10:15-music and movement
10:15-10:30-small group activites/ready readers actvites
10:30-10:45-read together talk together
10:45-11:10-lunch with instructors
12:35-12:45-story time
12:45-1:40-art,music,and literacy appreciation (rest time)
1:45-1:55-snack with instructors
1:55-2:10-dailey review
2:10-2:40-closing cicle,fingerplays/rhymes,goodbye song
2:40-2:45-dissmissal,bus riders and car riders
circle time math time more math time
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