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Christian Clemens

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Florida

The capital city
Florida is the 4th most popular state in the US. There are almost 19,5 million people living in Florida.
Florida has an area of 66.000 square miles and the land are 54.000 square miles. Water area are 12.000 square miles and the coastline are 1300 miles. The shoreline are 8500 miles.
Fast facts
State flower/State tree
The name of the state flower since 1905 is "Orange Blossom".

The name of the state tree is "Cabbage Palmetto". It is a very tall tree, up to 80 feet high.
Florida is a southeast state, there is almost water all around it. Florida came into united states march 3rd 1845.
The name of the city is Tallahassee, and it is located in northwest Florida. In the year 2000, there were around 150.000 citizens
Larger cities/famous cities
Miami is one of the famous cities.

Fort Lauderdale is the 8th largest city in Florida.
Orlando lays in Florida and attracts more visitors than any other amusement in the US, because of Disneyland.
Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America, because the city has 185 miles of local waterways.
The big O
Fort Lauderdale
Orange Blossom
Cabbage Palmetto
The highest average temperature is in July, with 33,4 degrees and the coldest month is January, with 3,9 degrees.
That was the weather when we made the presentation
Industry and agriculture
The mockingbird
The mockingbird is the State Bird of Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. It's a little black and brown bird with long and small wings.
Florida is known for their
Agriculture which are Citrus, vegetables, nursery stock, cattle, sugarcane and dairy products.

They are also known for their
Industry such as Tourism, electric equipment, food processing, printing and publishing, transportation equipment and machinery.
The most famous attraction in Florida is "Disneyland". Disneyland lays in Orlando and have 6 event parks, where "Magic Kingdom" is the largest. This park is most for the small kids.
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