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Monorails by Frankie

No description

Karen Simmons

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Monorails by Frankie

by Frankie Monorails Do you know what a monorail is? Where are monorails found? Did you know a monorail is an amazing transportation invention? Why are monorails important? Do you know what a Maglev train is? That was my monorail experience A monorail is a big train that rides on 1 rail. Monorails can be found in many big cities like Tokyo, Japan; Seattle,Washington; and also Disney Land, California. You will now see an awesome picture of a monorail. A Maglev train is the worlds fastest train. It floats above the track because it is on a magnetic field. Maglev means magnetic levitation. A Maglev train can go as fast as 310 mph. Monorails are used to carry people that want to go to the same place, from the same place, at once. I hope you liked my prezi and learned about monorails and Maglev trains.
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