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Phrasal Verbs & Prepositions!

No description

jose Esteban Padilla

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Phrasal Verbs & Prepositions!

Phrasal Verbs Prepositions
1. Sb/sth change back 2. Shout sb down 3. Spell sth out 4. Keep ahead sb/sth To return to an earlier state or form.**

To change, or to make sb/sth change.

To put on different clothes To show people sb that you are proud.

To make sb else feel embarrased by behaving badly.

To shout to prevent sb who is speaking from being heard, because you don´t like what they are saying.** Used to tell sb to reveal a piece of information.

To talk in a general way about a subject.

To make sth clear and easy to understand. ** To make sth remain at a low level.

To continue to be more advanced or successful than other people.**

To progress, to develop or improve
1. Judy and her dog run __the beach every morning. 2. Please consider your responsibility __the environment before printing this e-mail 3. The President of the country, accompanied __ his daughter and other high-level officials, visited Colombia
4. We must adapt ourselves __ different environments i.e: When you double click on SELECT,
the screen changes back to the main design screen i.e: I tried to explain but they just shouted me down i.e: His reasons for leaving are spelt out
in detail in his letter. i.e: We need to keep ahead of our competitors
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