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No description

Lena Rodriguez García

on 8 December 2015

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Warm colours
Such as the colurs
have the ability to make you think of sunlight and heat. Warm colours look as though they come closer, or advance (as do dark colours), which is why they're often used to make large rooms look cozier.
Cool colours

For example
and light
have the ability to calm and soothe. Where warm colours remind us of heat and sunshine, cool colors remind us of water and sky.

Correlated Colour
(CCT). It's connotations to any part of the colour temperature chart are strictly visually based. Lights with a correlated colour temperature do not have an equal radiation at all wavelengths in their spectrum.
Colour temperature of light
Color temperature
What it is colour temperature ?
Has been described as a method of describing the color characteristics of light
usually a either warm (yellowish) or cool
(bluish) and measuring in degrees of Kelvin
Colour temperature of light
The light under the spectrum are called infrared, and above the spectrum as ultraviolet. Each can affect an image, and you may need to add some filtration to mix
By: Lena, Carla, Paula, Lucas Prada and Lucas Rocha.
1-In which unit are colours measure?
a)metres b) deegres of Kelvin c) milimetres
2-How are called the light under the spectrum?
a) infrarred b) ultraviolet
3-What feel transmit warm colours?
a) cool b)sunlight c) water
4-What feel transmit cool colours?
a)heat b)sunlight c)sky
5-Say true or false.
a) Light with a correlated colour temeprature have an equal radiation?
b) It´s connotations to any part of the colour.
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