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Caroline Frey

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of PARCC

PARCC will be a computer based assessment. These online assessments will include tools built into the computer platform for all students and a number of accessibility features that can be provided for individual students based on need.

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of states that have come together to develop high-quality student assessments linked to a new, more rigorous English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy and Math standards. The assessments will be ready for the 2014 - 2015 school year for students in grades
3 - 11 and will replace our current state assessment; NECAP.
Examples Include:
Using a highlighter tool
Having test directions read aloud & repeated as needed
Enlarging text
Using spell check
Using a pop up glossary
Writing & editing notes on an on screen notepad
Using writing tools, such as copy, cut, paste, bold, etc.
Flagging items that you want to come back to later
Raising & lowering the volume on headphones
Crossing out answers for multiple choice items
Other accessibility factors that are not embedded in the computer platform include:
Allowing students to use headphones to filter external noise.
Redirecting student's attention to the assessment.
Providing blank paper for students to plan and organize responses
Clarifying general administration questions
Features for All Students
Accessibility Features
Identified in Advance
For students
with disabilities
Identified in Advance
PARCC provides administrative considerations for all students. Principals can schedule students in other testing spaces and at different scheduled times, as long as all formal PARCC requirements are met. Examples include:
Testing in small group
Allowing frequent supervised breaks
Taking the assessment at a different time of day
Testing in a separate or alternate location
Using adaptive and specialized equipment or furniture
Although PARCC assessments are quite accessible, some students with disabilities may also need accommodations to access the assessment content and demonstrate their knowledge and skills They increase the probability that the students will receive an accurate score based on his/her knowledge and skills
How Will PARCC be Different?
PARCC assessments will be tests worth taking, made up of engaging texts and real-world problems.
PARCC will let you know if your child is making expected progress and on track to succeed in college or careers.
PARCC will access learning based on the CCSS (Common Core State Standards).
PARCC will provide data in a much more timely manner so that parents and teachers can use the data to either reinforce or improve student learning.
What Will PARCC ELA Look Like?
ELA Grade 3 Sample Task
ELA Grade 7 Sample Task
ELA Grade 10
Sample Task
Grade 7 ELA Sample:
ELA Grade 10 Sample:
Grade 3 ELA Sample:
Math Grade 3 Sample Task
Math Grade 7 Sample Task
Math Algebra II
Sample Task
What Will PARCC Math Look Like?
Grade 3 Math Sample:
Grade 7 Math Samples:
Algebra II Task Sample:
Common Core State Standards- Frequently Asked Questions
CCSS Toolkit - Resources
PARCC Prototype Tasks
Parent Friendly Guides to CCSS
Helpful Links For Parents:
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