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Football Gloves

No description

Tre Turner

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Football Gloves

By: Trevon Turner Football Gloves Purpose of Football Gloves The Way It Has Impacted Society Chart Invention of the football glove The inventor of the football glove is John Tate Riddell in 1939. When they were first invented, they were used for cold weather and now they're moslty used for grip.
Football gloves have now improved in durability, moisture, and stick. The material used is diffrerent now. To prtect football players' hands from cold weather
and for grip to help catch the football. Football gloves allow players to make good
catches and a lot of companies make good profits.
Most football gloves are very expensive. Football gloves are production technology and bio-technology. Math Engineering Technology Example Science ST Labs test the gloves with
vapor pressure Tested by machines Made of leather, sticky
material and some have
0padding Math is used to measure the size
of the glove Conclusion Most products are innovated so that they can be used better and are more convenient and so that they fit the new environment.
I would like to innovate eye
contacts, because I wear them. I
would change them to wear they do not get dry and so that they never fall out. Quote
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