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Jumping Prickly Pancake Cholla

This is my Design-a-Plant assignment.

Andrea Tran

on 11 December 2010

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Transcript of Jumping Prickly Pancake Cholla

Jumping Prickly Pancake Cholla A Jumping Cholla and a Pancake Prinkly Pear Cactus combined By Andrea Tran 7-1 :) Design-a-Plant project. Science From a distance, the Jumping Prickly Pancake Cholla looks like a soft plant with many short fluff clouds on the pads of the cactus, looks like a teddy bear. But when you take a closer look, the plant is completely covered with silvery spines. If you touch the spines, you'll be painfully stuck to a spiny segment that seems like it "jumped" off the plant and landed on you. The spines are about 1 inch long This plant is often used for food and crops, in some places they are considered a weed, but in other places, they are grown in the wild. The Jumping Prickly Pancake Cholla have circular pads that are actually fast growing stems. The pads are grown in upright position and pads all angles with babred spin. This plant is made to live in very hot and dry temperatures, the roots are special and allow the plant to survive through dry climates. The segments are a bluish green color. Pads are 4 to 6 inches long, 9 inches wind and 7.5 inches thick. Flowers grow on the pads, they're yellow with red centers or greenish yellow and 3 to 4 inches wide. The fruit that grows from the flower are red or purple and turn gray when they get old. As the Jumping Prickly Pancake Cholla grows, they become dark chocolate brown to black in color. The seeds of the plant are tan or cream colored and feel smooth. That was my Design-a-Plant assignment. I hope you enjoyed it. :) The fruit is 2.5 in diameter. The fruit tastes sweet and the seeds are found right under the stem of the fruit. The fruit only grows in hot weather.
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