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WWII Propaganda

No description

Kevin Phan

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of WWII Propaganda

pathos is evoking pity or compassion

in propaganda, using emotions to persuade

tugs on your heartstrings

makes you want to give money to the war

use children so you feel obligated to donate By: Kevin, John, Rachel, Zack, and Sammie Propaganda Pathos in WWII Propaganda Purpose of Pathos
in Propaganda Examples War Bond Propaganda Purpose of War Bonds EXAMPLE OF A WAR BOND WW2 Recruitment -Picture and quote target emotions

-Sacrifice of a money is nothing compared to sacrifice of man

-Guilt tripping technique Shows a Nazi stabbing the Bible
Shows the Nazis as evil and encourage people to fight. Anti Nazi Propaganda Anti-Nazi propaganda were used to show the Nazis as monsters
This way, it encourage the people to sign up or support the military - Funded war effort

-Reduced inflation

- Invested in country, while investing in one's financial future

-Civilian buys war bonds
- The government pays back original price. Made to scare people on Homefront
Made people want to support war Examples of Recruitment Propaganda - Originally called defense bonds
- First Series "E" defense bond sold to President Franklin Roosevelt
- Denominations of $25-$10,000
- Non-buyers were shunned Women in Propaganda Rosie the Riveter Women in the War - Women needed in war

- Not much superiority in work

-Stepping up boosted feminism -Women didn't want to work
- Stayed home with children
-Began taking jobs for men -Inspired women
-Women took jobs
- Number in women in war effort grew Promoting the US military
Asking for new recruits
Asking for support of troops
Buying war bonds
Work force Purpose of Recruitment Propaganda Methods Pride of Country
Hate/scorn of enemy
Protection of family
Role Model
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