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Music in the Jungle - Edu 3131

Jessica Murphy, Nikki Pomeroy, Rebecca Thorne & Erica Noonan

Jessica Murphy

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Music in the Jungle - Edu 3131

Lesson #3 - Erica Materials Two jungle themed songs: one in a major key, one in a minor key
Audio player or piano
Writing utensils
Jungle decorations to help with motivation
SMART Board or chalk board Materials - Students listen to jungle themed songs in major and minor tonalities and make connections between tonality and mood/feeling
- Students individually copy down a word that expresses how they feel about each song (major and minor)
- Class web containing the students' responses Description of Lesson Lesson #2 - Nikki Lesson #4 - Rebecca Assessment Outcomes
- Perform, listen to and create reflecting sensitivity to moods/feelings
Language Arts: Speaking and Listening
- Students will be able to communicate information and ideas effectively
and clearly, and to respond personally and critically Tone and Mood Classroom Arrangements:
- Jungle themed decorations
- Jungle themed music Subjects Included:
- Music
- Language Arts
- Physical Education
- Art Integration Music in the Jungle Jessica Murphy, Rebecca Thorne, Nikki Pomeroy & Erica Noonan - A jungle theme is a great way to incorporate outcomes from numerous subject areas
- It is a fascinating theme that will motivate students to learn Rationale: Grade Three Jungle Theme Introduction Feelings Feelings Feelings Observation
Anecdotal Notes Students will be expected to perform, listen to and create
• Ostinati (melodic/rhythmic)
• Rounds/canons
• Part songs
• Two- and three-part rhythmic exercises
Perform, listen to and create
• Steady beat/rhythm Outcomes Learn "Kookaburra" as a class
Students will be given a handout of the lyrics so they can follow along and learn the words while the song plays
We will discuss what it means to sing a song in rounds
Sing full song as a class and then add rounds as the students are comfortable
Perform the song as a round Description of Lesson Lesson #1- Jess Outcomes Music:
Perform, listen to and create contrasting and repeating phrases and sections
Perform, listen to and create reflecting sensitivity to moods/feelings Physical Education:
Demonstrate the mechanics of various locomotor skills
Demonstrate the ability to cooperate and work with others
Demonstrate concern for the safety of self and others Materials Audio player
Mixed jungle themed music
A list of jungle animals Description & Demonstration: Conclusion Materials - Lyrics
- MP3 for Kookaburra
Music: Expression
- Perform listen to and create reflecting sensitivity to moods/feelings

Art: Creating, making, and presenting
- Apply one or more of the elements and principles of design in creating artwork based on the senses and imagination Outcomes Music:
Students will listen to jungle music and consider things like key, tempo, and dynamics and how these elements make them feel
Students will use paint to express how the music makes them feel using the elements of art Description of Lesson: - Jungle Music
- Paint
- Paint brushes
- Paint trays
- Cups of water
- Paper Materials - NL Provincial Curriculum Guide Grade Three Music
- NL Provincial Curriculum Guide Primary Language Arts
- NL Provincial Curriculum Guide Grade Three Art
- NL Provincial Curriculum Guide Primary Physical Education
- www.prezi.com
- www.google.com/images
- Prezi Images
- Prezi Desktop
- www.youtube.com
- Real Player Trimmer and Converter Resources:
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