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A Different History - Sujata Bhatt

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Chris Ryu

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of A Different History - Sujata Bhatt

A Different History - Sujata Bhatt
The poem explores the effects of colonisation by invading cultures (specific example is the British 'invading' the Indian culture) and the loss of heritage that occurs as generations pass on.
the two stanzas
1st: Represents India before the colonisation- comparing the Roman and Indian gods.

2nd: Contrasts the first stanza and moves on to talk about the 'modern', colonised India- provokes guiltiness inside the minds of Indian people, accusing them of abandoning original customs and letting themselves be succumbed to another culture.
Continuum - Allen Curnow
Summer Farm - Norman MacCaig
Where I Come From - Elizabeth Brewster

All these poems are metaphysical poems which deal with the ontological questionings of our identity and what makes us, us. In 'A Different History', we may see that Bhatt comments on the lack of definite identity of her people - the new cultures clashing with the old in a jumble of chaos.
now just watch this
It's so boring but it's good
Some essay questions
Describe how the imagery in 'A Different History' helps to convey the feelings of the poet towards modern India.
Explore the similarities between 'A Different History' and one other poem and explain what ideas they both present.
Choose a poem which has both similarities and differences to 'A Different History'. Explain both your ideas and support them with evidence from the poem.
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Last but definitely not least.....
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