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Doctoring 301 Intro

Longitudinal Curriculum description

Lisa Weiss

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Doctoring 301 Intro

the contents
Interprofessional Experience
Doctoring 301
1/2 day per clerkship
online verification
schedule sessions ASAP
no synthesis seminar
Same ROD group but meet online
-3 ROD online "Forums"via AIMS--Fall, Winter, Spring
-Same as M2 ROD groups (new students will be assigned to a group)
-See AIMS/Resources/ROD folder for specific assignments
Must pass all modules to pass course
Must do all 6 to pass
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Questions? see Academic Services Office.
Interprofessional Experience - 2 weeks (64 hours)
Oral Health
Patient Centered Medical Home
You will get info via email in next several months.
assignments done within the 2 weeks
preceptor evaluation (pass/fail)
Seconds! to stretch
Doc 301 Month
Institution for Healthcare Improvement
Professional Identity Development
Health Systems Questions
Set of 6
1 in each clerkship
Come in the form of an email at the start of the clerkship
Due Friday 1 week before end of clerkship
Clerkship faculty aware but not responsible
Except Family Medicine
To be evaluated by Doctoring faculty
To pass:
Turn HSQ in on time (2 late = not passing)
Submit to satisfaction of evaluator (2 redo's = not passing)
- Students remain with same M1/M2 PACE preceptor (new students will be assigned to a preceptor)
- Complete 6 half days (or 3 full days) in 2-week period
- Pass/Fail score determined by fulfilling the clinical experiences, submission of PACE writing assignment, and preceptor final assessment (done electronically this year)
- Assignments and assessment criteria posted to AIMS/Resources/PACE folder

Can be done anywhere, anytime
About 20 hours
Instructions on AIMS
Must finish IHI basic certificate
Due at end of 301 month
Finish certificate on time - you pass!
Health Systems Questions (HSQ)
combine ITP project (M2), health systems lectures (M1) and patient safety (bootcamp)
use what you are experiencing in clerkship to answer HSQ
use easy, short readings to help guide these answers
These questions are your connection to the system that you are working in - push your M3 year beyond just medical knowledge! Learn the world around you
Your chance to notice the world around you
comment to your peers and a faculty member
about subjects that we rarely talk about
inappropriate humor
treatment of certain types of patients

Scheduled per rotation schedule:
ALL info on AIMS!!
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