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Record Labels.

No description

Carla Wilson

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Record Labels.

Record Labels... The Music Sector.

What is music? What is unique about the music sector? What type of organisations
make up the music sector? Significant dates Strengths of Universal as an organisation. 0wnership (Alison)
Universal Music Group... Entertainment that involves instrumental and/or vocal sounds that are relayed in an organised, structured and continuous manner. (Moss and Henderson,2009) Legal organisations - BPI (2012) details the services the organisation provide and how music is protected.

“discuss matters of common interest and represent the British record industry in negotiations with Government departments (BPI,2012)

Marketing companies - Absolute marketing(2011) Shows what procedures are included in the marketing of a new or existing artist.

Retail music stores - HMV

These organisations within the music sector all have a function in distributing music to the public. One of the most important and influential organisations within the music sector are record companies

. Being signed to a record label enhances the artists chance of achieving popularity amongst the public with their music.

There are different types of record labels. 1898 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1l9WST5lXMMa

Main focus is music and entertainment. Universal makes money by signing the best artists around the world. If a small record label isn’t able to distribute their music then universal does that for them.

Record labels such as MMG which is own by Rick Ross. ' Music connects with other sectors of the entertainment industry such as Cinema and Film, Theatre and Gaming. Record Labels Stakeholder map -UMG Stakeholder Map - Rough Trade Records Tangible &
Intangible Products Product Market Purchasing music
Shop Both record labels have to tailor their products and advertise them..
Universal is a global and internationally known label who have to appeal to a wide audience, Rough Trade is a much smaller record label and their products are advertised on a smaller scale French Media http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/jun/28/vivendi-boss-steps-down Chief Executive is Jean Bernard Levy- running the media organisation for a decade... http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/nov/16/vivendi-universal-music-activision?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487 Rough Trade is an independent label. Ownership - (Alison)
Rough Trade Records... (Sweney, 2012) (Sweney, 2011) Universal Music Group is located in 60 countries around the world and is a non independent label. It is owned by Vivendi. A very large organisation that also owns the world leader in video games Activation Blizzard and several other cross global companies in countries such as Brazil and France. Source: (Vivendi,2012) Universal Artists:
Justin Bieber - Island Def Jam Records
Taylor Swift - Big Machine (Independent Label but Universal is it's Distributor)
Maroon 5 - A&M/Octone Records (Independent Label but Universal is it's Distributor) 1934 1994 - Global Success from musicians
- Many methods of creating music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hpfYt7vRHuY#! Major Labels
Independent Labels. How are Universal Music Group Organised? Marc Robinson - Director of Film, TV and advertising. - Placing liciencing.
- Creating Music Source:(Umusic.co.uk,n.d) Source: (NME, nme.co.uk, 2012) - Selecting Potential artists (umusic, Umusic.co.uk,n.d) Geoff Harris Senior Director of Finance. .

-" Artwork,Videos, Marketing, Press,Promotions" - (Day in the life archive video, umusic, 2012) - Assessment of funds. Benjamin Scarr . A&R. - Scouts acts. " A&R stands for artist and repertoire. For record labels, the A&R reps are the people who find new artists and sign them to the label "- (Heather McDonald, About.com ,n.d) Source: (Freaky Energy,2009) Kelly Suckling
Sales. - Vodaphone
-Retail Events
-Festivals Source:(blog.pointblankonline.net,2009) Source: (umusic.co.uk,2010) Music supply chain Source: Moss and Henderson (2009 Power Level Of Interest Minimal Effort Keep Informed Keep Satisfied Key Players Low High High Low 1. Vivendi as a company
2. Jean Bernard Levy - Chief Executive
3. A&R people (choose artists) 1. Artists within the company > High power as they are selling point of the company, low interest as they dont have to deal with the background of the company etc. 1. Audience have high level of interest however low power within the company as they don't have any say as to who is signed to the company. 1. Security on the front desk
2. Cleaners Power Level of Interest Low High High Low Minimal Effort Keep Informed Key Players Keep Satisfied - Independent labels have less capital.
-Music catalogue

Source:( Bestof,2012) Rough trade as a label that began through a record shop that was opened in West London by Geoff Travis in Feb 1976. 1. Geoff Travis
2. Audience
3. Producers
4. Artists Black eyed Peas sold over 6 million us digital downloads Rough Trade Producers:
1. Bernard Butler - James Morrison 'The Awakening'
2. Chris Thomas
3. Steve Mackey
4. Graham Sutton
5. Howard Bileman
6. Ken Thomas Umusic(n.b.) [Internet] Available at: www.Umusic.co.uk Accessed on: 24th October 2012

Roughtrade(n.b.) [Internet] Available at: www.roughtrade.com Accessed on: 26th October 2012 Source: (Music Mule, 2009) (Rough Trade Records, 2012) (Rough Trade Producers, 2012) Source:(Allison Klein, n.d) Source: (NME, 2012 Marc Robinson - Director of Film, TV and advertising.

- Placing liciencing.
- Creating Music

- Selecting Potential artists Source:(Umusic.co.uk,2010) Source:(Leeds Citizen, 2012) Source: (Attuned vibrations, 2012) Source;(Daniel Greenfield,2010) Source:(NaNa [supergirl], 2012) Source:(John Smith,2006) Souce:(Music mule,2009) Source: (BPI,2012) (Absolute Marketing ,2011)

Richard Rashman (Manager – Mcfly)

Absolute was a key partner in making Mcfly's independent 'Radioactive' campaign a big success.

We worked with them at every step and it would have been hard to do it without them! Source:(Absolute Marketing,2011) Source:(Click Music,2008) Bibliography Rough Trade
Significant dates. What is the difference between Universal and Rough Trade. vevo 1978 1976 1979 2007 STEEPLE. Social -
Technology -
Economic -
Environment -
Political -
Legal - .
Ethical. - Source:( jayz,2012) Umusic(n.b.) [Internet] Available at: www.Umusic.co.uk Accessed on: 24th October 2012Roughtrade(n.b.) [Internet] Available at: www.roughtrade.com Accessed on: 26th October 2012

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BPI. 2012. BPI Legal . [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.bpi.co.uk/category/bpi-legal.aspx. [Accessed 30 October 12]. – Services by bpi
Click Music , (2008), mcfly radioactive [ONLINE]. Available at: http://www.clickmusic.com/albums/article/McFly-RadioACTIVE [Accessed 29 October 12]. source:(rickross,2012 source:(rihanna,2012) Roc a fella records success. Strengths of rough trade as an organisation. consistent over the years. source:(rough trade,2012 source:(maxsugarman,2012) Conclusion

- The difference between record labels
- The organisations included in the distribution of music.

-The Supply chain of music distribution Day in the life . (2012). Kelly Suckling, Mobile music. [Online Video]. n,d. Available from: http://umusic.co.uk/who-we-are/day-in-the-life/kelly-suckling. [Accessed: 29 October 2012- Kelly
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