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Real Number System

Diagram of the real number system with examples.

Gabriielle Wriborg

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Real Number System

DECIMALS REFLECTION 1 REFLECTION 1 REFLECTION 3 REFLECTION 2 R I Q Z W N Fracs Dec NT/NR REP TERM Examles Examles Examles Examles Examles Examles Examles leave some
room here Write out words
and make bigger REFLECTION 2 REFLECTION 3 Since my first reflection was completed I started working on my diagram. However, in
the process of working on it, I decided to change my design somewhat. So far I am on schedule, but I have realized that in Prezi there is no way to make square roots or fractions. Therefore, I will have to type these out in Word and take a screen shot of the page and then use Paint to crop each number to make images of each to import to Prezi. This will probably slow progress down a bit. Besides realizing this, the project is going really well. Prezi is a really neat program. There is one thing I don't like about it though, you can't copy and paste text from another program into Prezi. However, I found out I can import PDF files so I saved my outline for Reflection #1 that I created in Word as a PDF and imported it rather than retyping the whole thing. This saved a lot of time. To finish the project, I need to complete my diagram and write Reflection #3. I should have no problem getting this done as long as I do not run into anymore problems. The project is finally done except for this reflection! I think it took me atleast 5 hours to complete everything. Watching the Prezi tutorials really helped. I would never have figured out how to work it otherwise. The purpose of the project was to gain a better understanding of the Real Number System. My organizational method helped my do this by forcing me to really think about how all the parts are related and what numbers belong where. My diagram meets the requirements because it is very original, attractive, neat, legible, and easily navigated. I included all the required elements and have no errors. However, I did not include any extra examples. I think my project deserves an A because I paid very close attention to the rubric and met most of the requirements on the rubric that are associated with the #4. Also, I put in alot of time, effort, and thought. Artifact I was a little concerned that I may not figure out Prezi, so I came up with a back up plan just incase using a Thinking Map. Artifact While looking online for project ideas I found this diagram and thought it would have worked if the Prezi did not. THE REAL NUMBER SYSTEM http://handsonmath.blogspot.com/2009/12/teaching-real-number-system.html
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