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Great Lakes in My World 9-12

No description

Abby Hawley

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Great Lakes in My World 9-12

Great Lakes Education Why Education Matters: Help alleviate current issues
Anticipate and prevent future environmental problems Great Lakes in My World 9-12 Great Lakes in My World 9-12 a coastal habitats curriculum 17 lesson plans that address coastal habitat restoration and enhancement topics through standards-based learning Introduce students to Great Lakes natural resource management Observe and develop action plans for stewarding coastal habitats investigate Understand resource value explore connect synthesize Understand concepts and problems Analyze data & problem solve Draw conclusions & develop
real-world solutions GLiMW 9-12 Adopt-a-Beach Giving back to the Great Lakes TM 1991: begun as part of the International Coastal Cleanup 2003: year-round program launched 2008 Adopt-a-Beach™ next steps: aligned forms with EPA Sanitary Survey Complete two forms:
Routine Visit Form
Litter Monitoring Form
and enter the data into our online database Litter Monitoring Form:

In 2011, year-round Adopt-a-Beach™ groups picked up: Taking Action Use the information you gather to take action:
Educate others with a display or presentation
Meet with your local beach authority
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper
Meet with elected officials
Start a campaign against litter Mark your Calendars: Adopt-a-Beach Join us for a web-based training, held monthly: www.greatlakes.org/

Become a team leader. Go to www.greatlakes.org/teamleader
to learn more. Alliance for the Great Lakes
Great Lakes in My World 9-12
Adopt-a-Beach Nicole Kirksey
Adopt-a-Beach Assistant
nkirksey@greatlakes.org A Community that Cares for the Great Lakes Formed in 1970, the Alliance for the Great Lakes is the oldest independent Great Lakes citizens' organization in North America. Our community today includes....

Elected officials
Teachers and students
Environmental advocates
Policy leaders
Recreational enthusiasts
Civic organizations

The Alliance is the only independent policy organization working solely to improve the Great Lakes every day. The Great Lakes: Why they're important to all of us World treasure: a place to visit and admire
Recreation: a place to have fun
Biodiversity: a place for many plants and animals, including 180 species of fish
Home: a place with many different habitats Issues that Matter to the Alliance Clean water
Sustainable water use
Ecosystem restoration
Emerging threats
Civic and youth participation, e.g. Great Lakes in My World and Adopt-a-Beach(TM) Bringing the Great Lakes into Your School People making choices:
Stewards: understand the value of the resource
Problem solvers: understand the issue
Visionaries: develop and implement solutions Great Lakes in My World Great Lakes in My World 9-12 Real-world issues
Common Core State Standards and the Great Lakes Literacy Principles
Anticipating new science standards in late 2012
Social Studies
Language Arts Great Lakes in My World 9-12 Audience: 9-12 educators and students
17 activities, 66 Creature Cards, 1 USB flash drive
Topics: Ecology, Botany, Mapping, Careers, Stewardship
Student pages
Assessment rubrics
Glossary It is a year-round opportunity for families, schools, businesses and community-based groups to conduct litter monitoring and water quality testing along the Great Lakes shorelines. General Adopt-a-Beach™ email: adoptabeach@greatlakes.org
General Education email: education@greatlakes.org

State outreach staff:
Illinois and Indiana, Katie Larson at klarson@greatlakes.org
Michigan and Minnesota, Jamie Cross at jcross@greatlakes.org
New York, Nate Drag at ndrag@greatlakes.org
Ohio, Hyle Lowry at hlowry@greatlakes.org
Wisconsin, Todd Brennan at tbrennan@greatlakes.org

To register for Adopt-a-Beach™ ,
visit www.greatlakesadopt.org or www.adoptabeach.org.

Learn more about the Alliance: www.greatlakes.org Contacting us Teach Adopt-a-Beach™ 2. Caps and lids: 45,645
3. Food wrappers and containers: 33,445
4. Straws and stirrers: 21,119
5. Cigar tips: 20,402
6. Plastic bags: 15,167
7. Plastic beverage bottles: 12,739
8, Cups, plates, eating utensils: 12,290
9. Beverage cans: 9,779
10. Glass bottles: 9,418 1. Cigarette filters: 119,256 Topics: Coastal Resource Education Issues: Coastal habitat destruction and invasive species Essential Questions: How was the Great Lakes basin formed?
How have the coastal habitats changed?
Why should humans work to restore and enhance these coastal habitats?
What are the benefits for the region?
How can humans be a positive influence on the region? Adopt-a-Beach™ www.greatlakes.org/
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