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Customer Service

No description

Alliance Trainer

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Customer Service

Importance of Customer Service
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Thank you!
Customer Service
are “Moments of Truth?”
are our Customers?
is Customer Service important?
do you provide a positive Customer Experience?
current data.
Defining Customer Service
Moments of Truth
In every interaction, certain moments will define a lasting impression the customer has of you and our company. These are called moments of truth.
Create emotional impact
Leave a greater impression than technical details
Can be positive, negative or neutral
Identifying our Customers
Our Customers are………..
Policy Holders
Lien Holders
Agents/Producers/ Brokers
Tow Yards
Body Shops
Coworkers (Appraisers, SIU, etc.)
Characteristics of our Customer (Insureds)
Policies are primarily 1 and 3 months
80% are Hispanic
75% from Southern California and Los Angeles
Approximately 94% of all PIF have limits of 15/30/5
Moments of Truth
Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, more time spent than any other Internet activity, including email.

Smart phones and tablets combined account for 60% of all online traffic.

33% of users even prefer to contact brands using social media rather than the telephone.

71% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service.

66% of global consumers stopped doing business with a provider and switched to another in the past year due to poor customer service experiences.

42% of people tell their friends about a good customer experience on social media, while 53% will talk about a bad one.
User: A
"I take phone and he refuses to give his name states already gave to wife, and is very rude. I ask to speak to his supervisor and he hangs up on me.“
User: B
"We were rear ended by one of their drivers and nothing about the process was smooth or responsive"
"This company is THE WORST insurance company that I have ever dealt with.“
User: C
"They stall, and they definitely do not call you back. It is a horrible company, customer service and satisfaction is at the bottom of their priority list."
User: D
"Worst customer service ever! They speak to you like you're stupid, talk over you, don't listen to what you're saying and when you ask to speak to a lead or supervisor they hang up on you!"
User: E
"It has been six weeks since i claimed my case. they have never worked on it. they have been ignoring me. i make payment for them on time every payment period and now when i have problem they decide not to help their customer."
User: F
"Won't return my call."
"It's been 3 weeks since the accident and I have not heard from anyone from this company."
User: G
"The customer service was horrible. The guy was being very rude and very disruptive. Horrible insurance company.“
User: H
"I didn't hear from them for nearly two weeks so I called again to check on the status of my claim. They did not call me back for awhile. I left several messages but received no return call."
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Listening Skills
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Make sure to control speed, tone and volume
Show interest and concern by using customer’s name
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Identify the company and yourself
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Key Touch-Points
Listening Skills
Summarize the conversation
Current Data (August)
Department of Insurance
CSR & FNOL Teams
Avg. Speed of Answer
Avg. Calls Handled Weekly
Avg. Service Level Weekly
% of Calls Answered
Clearly defined Customer Service as it relates to managing “moments of truth.”

Know the characteristics of our customers and how that information influences our customer interaction.

Understand the importance of customer service in a technologically driven society.

Know and be able to utilize the 5 key “touch-points” to ensure a positive customer experience.

Know what the current data is in relation to customer service.
1:05 minutes or less
85% +
Be prepared to answer the phone.
It’s not an interruption, it’s an expectation.
Importance of Customer Service
Importance of Customer Service
Social Media’s Impact on PIF
Importance of Customer Service
Social Media’s Impact on PIF
Importance of Customer Service
Social Media’s Impact on PIF
Importance of Customer Service
Social Media’s Impact on PIF
Importance of Customer Service
The Impact of Providing Poor Service
Survey results received from customers mentioned above
Policy Inception
Call for Assistance

*Claim Reported*
Survey Results

*Response Date*
Canceled Policy
June 2012

3-Year Customer
Sept. 2010

5-Year Customer
Customer is dealing with a difficult and/or stressful situation.

Customer wants problem solved effectively and efficiently.

What you do as an employee reflects on the entire organization.

Customers return to places where they are treated well.
February 2015
June 2015
March 2015
July 2015
June 2015
August 2015
Polite repetition if needed
Speak clearly
Always speak to the customer in a manner that conveys you are trying to be helpful
Choose your words carefully
Present information in the most positive light as possible
Don’t tell customers what to do
Obtain all pertinent information
Avoid using insurance jargon and acronyms
Know your product and/or policy
Be polite
Review important points and next steps
Verify all of their issues, questions and concerns have been addressed
Thank the customer
If leaving a message, give details and purpose of call
Ask for clarification or confirmation
Avoid interrupting or jumping to conclusions
Provide feedback to their questions
Take notes of important details
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Providing Positive Customer Experiences
Good Customer Service
Average Customer Service
Poor customer Service
Lasting relationships
Steady relationships that could be lost
Lost business
Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer’s expectation.
The ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised.

About treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Building a good rapport with the customer.

An organization’s ability to supply their customer’s wants and needs.

Any contact between a customer and a company, that causes a negative or positive perception by a customer. In other words …..an INTERACTION.
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