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"The book Fair in our High School Victoria Kent"

Emma Manso Alonso

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of THE BOOK FAIR

Pieces of cardboard are obtained from recycling containers from everywhere in Fuenlabrada. They also can find cardboard on the streets, at home...
Yellow, magenta and cyan are the primary colours, whereas orange, violet and green are the secondary colours

Every year, we celebrate a Book Fair in our High School.

This year`s theme is RECYCLING
Students have to revise scraps of cardboard to make their works of art
They work in groups sharing their materials. They have to draw cubes, and then paint them whit primary and secondary colours
The next step in our work was the creation of a submarine landscape. It was created using recycled material, the same way the V. K. was created
The cubes are arranged to from the capital letters V.K., the name of the High School
Jellyfish were made with umbrellas and scraps of paper
Fish, which are made of cardboard, are grouped in shoals around the jellyfish. Fish in the same shoal share the same colours
Once everything is finished, the last step is posing for a picture in our photocall
Thank you for your attention.
The end
1º - 2º - 3º - 4º EPV
1º - 2º BTO technical DRAW
Emma Manso Alonso
Robin Thicke, ft. T.I. Pharrell
"Blurred Lines"
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