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Conor Mahon

on 30 October 2013

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Britain's flag is known as the "Union Jack". It was officially adopted in 1801.It is composed of the cross of St. George of England,the cross of St. Andrew of Scotland and the cross of St. Patrick of Ireland (Northern Ireland)
Official Language
English is the official language of Britain.It developed mainly from the Anglo Saxon and the Norman French languages.
Pound Sterling
Anthem :
" God Save the Queen "
Famous Buildings :
Buckingham Palace,
Big Ben,
West Minster,Tower bridge and St.Patricks Cathedral.
Q1 (A) : What does it mean to be Irish ?
The Irish have a good reputation all over the world for being friendly,determined,proud and generous. we are associated with the colour green ,St.Patrick,the shamrock and Leprauchans!Irish people are welcomed everywhere and we have a reputation for welcoming other visitors to our country and showing good hospitality.Being Irish is something to be proud of.
Q1 (B): What does it mean to be European?
Being European is peaceful as we tend to stay neutral.We have a positive influence on the rest of the world as we do not fight with each other.We have learnt from our mistakes in the past.Europe is a group of countries that have common interests.There are three main European languages English,Spanish and French and Europe has huge cultural diversity and many good economic resoures.We respect each others unique cultures and work together so we all develop well.
Q2 (A) What does Ireland mean to me?
To me,Ireland is an independent country.Over the years Ireland has fought hard for independence.We are still learning how to use it properly!Ireland is a small country with a big reputation.We are a strong,determined nation.Ireland has also done very well in rugby and boxing and used to do well in football!
Q2 (B) What does Europe mean to me?
Europe means "unity" to me.Together we are stronger.We aim for democracy,peace and social justice for all the people who live in Europe,we do not allow discrimination and want equal opportunities for everyone.Democracy in Europe means the people have a "say".Europe helps the poor all over the world eg. Africa (Tròcaire,Goal)
Buckingham Palace
Tower bridge
Big Ben
St.Patricks Cathedral
Britain is a Parliamentary Democracy.Every 5 years the people of the country elect representatives to rule on their behalf in the "House of Commons" which has 635 members.The Parliament consists of the "House of Lords" and the "House of Commons" and they reside in West Minster London.The Prime Minster (David Cameron at the moment) is the leader of the political party which has the most seats in the "House of Commons"(the Conservatives have the most seats at the moment).He selects 90 ministers and picks a special group to make up his "Cabinet".This "Cabinet" of government ministers rules Britain and they decide what the government will do.The Queen is a figurehead.She does not take part in politics.Britain has had a monarchy for over 1000 years.
The oldest surviving British art includes the "Stonehenge" from around 2600 BC and tin and gold works of art produced by the Beaker people from around 2150 BC. William Shakespeare is probably the most famous playwright.
Britain is full of customs that have been around for hundreds of years.There are many royal ceremonies eg.changing of the guard.The guardsmen who protect the Queen dress in bright red uniforms and bearskin hats.They have guarded the monarch and the royal palaces since 1660.The "Trooping of the Colour" is when they celebrate the Queens Birthday.People from all over the world travel to see the ceremony with all the beautiful horses.Britain is associated with drinking tea,eating fish and chips and wearing bowler hats
Britain has a very long and interesting history so I only picked out the highlights.
The first invaders of Britain
were the Celts.They began crossing the English Channel in the 700's B.C.
.France defeated England in
The Hundred Year War
which started in 1337.The reformation with
Henry VIII
was a big part of British history because it gave birth to prostestantism.The Industrial revolution began in Britain in the 1700's and made Britain one of the world's richest countries.
Troubles with Ireland
began during the Napoleonic Wars (1789).Cromwell had brought Ireland under England's control in 1649 and the Irish hated it.So they rebelled in 1798.Britain decided to make Ireland part of Britain and The Act of Union in 1800 ended Ireland's Parliament.
World War I
began in 1914.Britain entered it on August 4th 1914 when Germany attacked Belgium.About 750,000 British servicemen died.
World War II
began on September 1st 1939. Germany planned to invade Britain and nightly Germany bombed Britain.Finally Germany were defeated after 6 years and 1 day at war.Britain played a big part in defeating Germany.
If you are British that means you are from England,Scotland or wales. The british are an exceptionally proud nation especial England, but truthfully they do have allot to be proud about. England have a good football team and strong rugby team, Scotland has a good rugby team to and wales are also a very strong rugby team and all of these countries are part of the British and Irish Lions rugby team.They also set up the scouting association which was the first scouting association in the world and the first scout camp was held in Britain on Brown sea island in southern England. The Football Association was set up in 1886 and set up the worlds oldest competition is the FA cup.In the past Britain has been a world power and was a deciding country in the first world war and the second world war and today is still a powerful nation.
What does it mean to be British
What does it mean to be British.
Peoples idea of and British car factory is a long forgotten ruin but it tunes out that there is rather more than you might think.
Today in Britain a car roles over production line every twenty seconds and Britain has a huge contribution to motor sport. A woping 75% of all research and development done in global motor sport is British
In the world there are eleven formula one teams and eight of the are based in Britain.
All of the countries shaded in green use British made lorries.
All countries shaded is red use British made military vehicles.
All countries shaded in yellow have at least on JCB being used for construction.
How are we alike or different?
Ireland and Britain have allot of differences and similarity's. Britain has always been the more powerful Nation and after there industrial revolution they were a world power.Britian and Ireland have had many disagreements and fights but Today we are to countries both in the EU, both islands and both countries were forced up as a fold mountain from under the earth and then suppurate over the years.
What do we have to offer each other?
Ireland and Britain can try to support each when there is war or an economic down turn. We supply each other with food and drink or entertainment such as comedy or a good game of tens moments of watching nations clash in a rugby game.
Britain is an island located withen the British Isles and it is the ninth largest island in the world. It in located to the north west of Europe and is the home of England, Scotland and Wales.The total area is 88,745 square miles (229,848 sq km) and has a population of about 60 million people.
Language Population
English is the primary language and is spoken by 95% of the UK population.
The welsh language is an official language and is the second most spoken language in Britain and the third most spoken language is polish.
British rock
British hip hop
British pop music and Britpop
English music(disambiguation)
Scottish music
Welsh music
Celtic music
Famous people
Simon Cowell
Jeremy Clarkson
Cheryl Cole
Winston Churchill
David Beckham
Queen Elizabelth II
Sebastian Coe
Willam Shakespeare
Richard Hammond
James May

Big Ben , London
Tower Bridge. London
Buckingham Palace
The London eye
St Pauls Cathedral
Windsor Castle
White Cliffs of Dover
Thank you
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