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The Wolves of Isle Royale

No description

Bert McCracken

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Wolves of Isle Royale

On the nature perserve of Isle royale, The wolf populaiton is in danger. Every one of the corpses of wolves found have a strange deformity. Their bones are twisted, deformed, in some way. Vertebrae in their lower back are deformed, Which can cause full or partial paralysis. In a normal, open enviroment, Only one percent of wolves have this deformity. But on isle royale... This happens 58%of the time. The question is, What do we do? The Problem The Question Scientists agree, Wolves are in danger. But, should anything be done? Should we continue to perserve, just nature? Even that means, Letting it destroy itself? No! Interveneing would corrupt the ecosystem We must let nature take it's course If given time, the wolf population can repair itself We can't let ourselves corrupt nature! We Must! If we don't, we will lose this precious ecosystem forever If we can introduce more females, the inbreeding will cease If we lose the wolves, the moose population will overlode We can't lose these animals! What do you think? Whose side are you on? Do YOU think we should intervene, or should we let nature run it's course? Mr. W ROCKS no- YES! I don't know... Isle Royale was known as a great example of nature, because with such a small population of animals, being able to survive on their own, without intervention. But now we know, because of the small population of wolves, that they are inbreeding. On this side of the scientists, they do not want to intervene, because if they do, they believe that it would corrupt the natural run of things, and the science of Isle Royale will be ruined. This side wants to observe how Isle Royale works, even if it doesn't work out fine. It is hard to predict what will
happen if new females are introuced. The Isle Royale wolves have helped research
for many years, and the finding of inbreeding
threaten to destroy this delicate population. On this side, the scientists believe that they can introduce female wolves
nnot from the isle to encourage genetic mixing of non-related wolves.
They believe if this works, the wolves can survive, and research can continue on this miricle isle. Information from:
http://www.sciencedaily.com There are two sides to this argument.. one is...
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