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The Heidelberg School

No description

Jacob Browne

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of The Heidelberg School

The Heidelberg School
Intro to the Group
The Heidelberg School was a group of artists who drew landscapes in the late 1800s. They did most of their work in the Heidelberg area. The Heidelberg School are well known for their drawings and will inspire many more landscape artists to become great.
Who was in the Group
There was many people in the group and they were:

Arthur Streeton
Frederick McCubbin
Tom Roberts
Charles Condor
Walter Withers
Jane Sutherland
Louis Abrahams
Arthur Streeton
Born: April 8th, 1867
Died: September 1st, 1943
Education: National Gallery of Victoria Art School
Famous Artwork: Golden Summer, Eaglemont, More
About Him
Arthur Streeton was a part of the Heidelberg School and was a landscape artist. He did most of his work in Eaglemont.
Frederick McCubbin
Born: February 25th, 1855
Died: December 20th, 1917
Education: Artisans' School of Design
Famous Artwork: The Pioneer, Down on his Luck, On the Wallaby Track
About Him
Frederick McCubbin has a Scottish background. He strated going on painting trips with Tom Roberts and then they joined and developed the Heidelberg School
Tom Roberts
Born: March 9th, 1856
Died: September 14th, 1931
Education: Royal Academy
Famous Artwork: Sheering the Rams, Bailed Up, A break away, The Golden Fleece, Bourke Street.
About Him
Tom Roberts introduced Frederick McCubbin to drawing landscapes. His child went to the to same school as Frederick did.
Charles Conder
Born: October 24th, 1868
Died: Februrary pth, 1909
Education: Academie Julian
Famous Artwork: All on a Summer Day
About Him
He was born and died in England. He came to Australia to start a painting career.
Walter Withers
Jane Sutherland
Born: October 22nd, 1854
Died: October 13th, 1914
Education: Royal Academy
Famous Artwork: A Bright Winters Morning, The Silent Gums
About Him
His father prevented him from painting but later he continued with what he loved.
Born: December 26th, 1853
Died: July 25th, 1928
Education: Victorian Academy of Art
Famous Artwork: Field Naturalists, The Mushroom Gathers.
About Her
She travled with Jane Price and Clara Southern. She was one of the best in the group!
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