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Multi-Generational Volunteering

No description

Megan Sundstrom

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Multi-Generational Volunteering

Foundation Recreation Settings Using MG Volunteers Sources and Strategies Methods of Training and Supervising Conclusion Organizing a MG Volunteer Effort Organizing Multi-Generational Volunteer Introduction Red Cross Multi-Generational Volunteering Training:
Prepare training sessions to engage volunteers smoothly and quickly
Provide a volunteer handbook that explains rules and regulation
Use technology relevant to the generation
Use a trainer that will be able to relate to the volunteers
Create an environment where the volunteer can be successful
Utilize experienced volunteers Supervising:
Establish who is in charge
See that volunteers treat the work as a normal job, not blow off time
Make good use of the volunteers' time
Develop a pool of volunteers you can trust
Experienced volunteers can be allowed to organize and supervise a project
Mediate any problems between staff members and volunteers
Don't ignore input from volunteers
Keep accurate record of hours logged What is Multi-Generational
Volunteering? Activity 5 groups of 5
Different situation for each group
3 volunteers, supervisor, department head
Discuss what role each position would have
What each position would do to meet the needs of each individual
Present to Group Multiple generations work together on a common program or project
The different generations included:
Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y
Generation Z
There are benefits of Multi-Generational work teams Mission Statement
Volunteer Jobs
Disaster Services
Hospital Volunteer
School Clubs
Blood Drive Donor or Volunteer
Special Events Coordinator
Thank a Donor 4H Tendercare Understand each generations individual needs
Ex: Boomers enjoy being in charge
Gen X appreciates the responsibilities
Gen Y enjoy sharing ideas Understanding Strengths & Weaknesses Traditionalists are very disciplined and see work as a privilege. But in todays world they are less tech savvy
Boomers are very driven workers that have an optimistic view.
Gen X are very independent and creative but this generation is skeptical and distrustfull of authority
Gen Y are very tech savvy and patriotic but they tend to be to socially minded Retention Strategies Importance to the Profession Traditionalist who work with Gen Y'ers can both benefit from their life experiences
Different Generations got to experience different recreational activities
Learning new ways to recreate What are options as a youth?
What are options for adults?
Some activities they partake in?
Care Packages to Afghanistan. What is Tendercare?
Volunteering spots
Counselor Positions
Behavior Traditionalists: Provide challenging work opportunities
Capitalize on experience
Face to face contact Baby Boomers: Flexible work arrangement
Provide challenging work opportunities
Like to be involved Gen X: Allow for flexibility
Give them an important task to accomplish
Give them feedback Gen Y: Get them involved in meaningful volunteer efforts
Technologically aware What is recruitment?
"Recruitment is a constant, year-round process of keeping your organization's name and its available volunteer opportunities in front of people." Options for recruiting:
contacting your local volunteer center, using current volunteers, making announcements at services, educational sessions, and meetings Strategy for recruiting is to find out what motivates people to want to volunteer
6 major reasons someone volunteer:
Social Topics we will cover:
What is Multi-Generational Voluntering?
Recreation settings that it is used in
Organizing an MG effort
Strategies to recruit and retain
Methods of Training
Importance Training
Policy & Procedure
Emergency Training
ADL Training
Intro to Developmental Disabilities
Incident Reporting
Communication diseases
Behavior modifications
OMRDD What MG Volunteering is?
Where is it found?
Different Generations
Training and Supervising
Retention Strategies
Importance Gen Z: Use of technology
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