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Vital Wellness Sales Training:

No description

Vital Wellness

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Vital Wellness Sales Training:

The Funnel
Shotguns are louder,
Most marketers
"Show up and Throw up"
You cannot effectively present without
knowing their needs
It's like hunting big game with a shotgun --
lot of noise, but no trophy on the wall!

Be a sniper with the funnel approach
If you get them to
tell you
what they want to hear, you can easily present solutions that will generate referrals.
Asking the right kind of questions allow you to
"zero in"
on that referral, and get it very frequently!
Engage to Identify Needs
Open the funnel as wide as possible:
open-ended questions
about their practice, patients, patient management, treatment style, use of external an ancillary services, etc.
Ask about their utilization of Home Health, their experience with Home Health, and their likes and dislikes from past experience with Home Health.
Avoid questions that can easily be answered with
You are the Home Health expert.
Their answers should trigger opportunities in your mind to address.
This is the wide-open entrance to the funnel, leading to the
next step.
What is Professional Selling?
are responsible for
level of success. The more you are willing to inconvenience yourself for the added convenience of someone else, the more loyalty you will gain.
Community Liaisons are firstly, servants!
All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, someone they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST
Trust must be earned, it does not just come with time.
People don't care what you know until they know that you care...this is how trust is earned
The Funnel Process
Four Basic Components:

to identify needs
to realization of needs
to explain solutions to needs
for a patient to meet those needs
Vital Wellness Sales Training:
Lead to Realization of Needs
the need to launch right into your presentation. Just because YOU know what their needs are, does not mean THEY do.
them down a path that causes them to realize the need you have identified.
what they said,
them you identified needs, & begin to probe into how to
those needs.
Get them to admit their best attempts are all coming up short and they need help: Sometimes, the most effective way is to ask them a question that you know the correct answer is,
Such as, "
No, we don't have an answer for that,"
"No, it isn't working as well as we planned it to."
Best way to close out of this step is to say something along the lines of,
"If there was a way to improve those outcomes more consistently, without any extra time or money spent on your end, would you use it?"
If you have led them to the realization correctly, the answer will be "YES" the majority of the time.
Present Your Solution
Launch into your presentation:
This time you are going in
, by their own admission, what their needs are.
You have zeroed in on their specific needs and offering a personalized solution to it.
Pepper your presentation with information of what was talked about earlier in the funnel.
In the first step, you have opened the funnel as wide as possible, to make sure you identified the greatest possible scope of opportunity. Now you are choosing the ONE you feel is the best opportunity for immediate referrals, and narrowing the conversation to address that one need.
Ask for the Patient!
Should be done somehow, some way, at EVERY visit.
What is the Funnel Approach?
Be a consultant.
YOU are the expert. The providers will learn to rely on you for your advice and direction in your industry.
Be credible.
Don't be shy about the strength of the company, its longevity, and outcomes.
Benefits sell, features tell.
Benefit is the positive result of what we have done. Feature is what we actually did.
Lead with benefit and describe how we do it.
Question-based selling.
Ask the right questions. Asking intelligent, leading questions takes thought, and it requires active listening. This is where the hard work comes in. Go in with some sort of predetermined direction, actively listen in real time, and be able to adjust to what they are saying, without deviating from your predetermined goal.
Practice, preparation & commitment.
Features & Benefits
should be tailored to each type of referral source.


When selling to a hospital, you might say how Vital Wellness can keep them from losing money while helping them maintain a high reputation VS other area hospitals (the benefit), by reducing readmits through our Green Dot Program (the feature).
To Gain More Referrals ...
You must persuade them to agree with you.

Ineffective Way
Argue your point
This will turn people off from your efforts, no matter how right you are.
Effective Way
Ask questions, listen for their needs (real or perceived), and then provide specific solutions to those needs.
This is the basic format of the funnel.
Ideally starts with 2-3 questions that are specifically drafted to get a
following your presentation.
This is called gaining agreement.
An easy one to start with is,
"Does this sound like something you/your patients/residents can benefit from?"
- This is not,
"Do you have a patient/resident we can help?"
Many times they revert to the easy
Giving them the chance to say
you allow the wheels in their head to stop prematurely and not reach for that patient's name.
Once you have agreement,
ask for patient via an open-ended question.
Ask them for the
of a person that fits the situation, such as
"Who have you seen this week that would benefit from this?"
"Which of your residents needs this right now?"
Dealing with Objections
Our natural reaction is to:
A) Give up
2) Try desperately to "rescue" the positive result that is slipping away

Both are the wrong answer.

The best thing to do when you are asked a question that does not have a definite answer or one that you have a hard time answering in a positive way,
is to respond with a question right back!
Many times you will discover their lack of understanding of Home Health, or Medicare coverage, etc. You'll start hearing,
"I never knew that before,"
"You can do that?"
Objections are
to close with a referral!
Making the Most of a Lunch - Opportunities for Utilizing
Great opportunity to use the funnel fully in one sitting, depending on how much time you have.
Remember: YOU bought the lunch, YOU control the conversations. YOU "purchased" their time & attention!
Most marketers' lunches are underutilized.
Take control of the conversations with questions rather than a presentation right off the bat. They will follow your lead.
Lunches will become a worthy investment every time!
Practical Utilization of the Funnel
We all know you don't get a 20-minute conversation with a decision-maker every visit. Therefore, you should learn to shorten the funnel process to fit into a two-minute conversation, or maybe do it in "installments."
"Installment" Example:
Initiate it over lunch, take it all the way through one need identified, and then follow up with another brief reminder of your earlier conversation, at a subsequent visit.
A shortened step should still include the basic principles of the funnel.
When you understand the full concept, customize the funnel to a way that best fits your personality and personal conversation style.
Ways to practice:
Write sample questions for reps one and two, practice open-ended questions to replace your normal yes-or-no's, role play different situations, and consciously use the full step-by-step funnel, until you start to see how it works, and it feels natural.

We want to be a team of sincere, service-focused liaisons, who care about the people we work with. And we prove it by learning from them what is most important to them, and then meeting their needs to the best of our abilities.
but they won't bring home the prize!
Any Questions?
Create a company wide marketing plan that works regardless of the marketer, market, or any unique circumstances that may be present in any market.
Empower every Liaison with a process that will allow them to get the most out of every referral source.
Instill confidence in every Liaison of their ability to gain referrals from all types of sources, including those that they are least comfortable in.
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