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Shadow of the Hegemon Book Presentation

This is my Prezi presentation for "Shadow of the Hegemon" by Orson Scott Card.

Hunter King

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Shadow of the Hegemon Book Presentation

of the
Hegemon Setting Shadow of the Hegemon takes place far in the future, after Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow.
The story travels all over the place and is in a different place almost every chapter, however it does take place on Earth.
Unlike Card's previous books in the Ender series, nobody important goes into space. By Orson Scott Card Julian "Bean" Delphiki Julian Delphiki is the main character in this book.
His nickname, Bean, comes from his size, which is small, much like a bean.
Bean was stolen before he was even born and was genetically altered to be super smart.
The downside to being super smart, Bean has to cope with being small at first, then having an extreme growth spurt to a point where his body cannot support his weight and height.
Bean grew up on the streets of Rotterdam, which helped train his mind towards one goal, survival.
When he was rescued, he was sent to Battle School; there he thrived and even became Ender's right hand man.
After the battle with the buggers, Bean went home to his original family, which he was taken from. Petra Arkanian Petra Arkanian grew up in a medium-sized city in Armenia.
At a young age, she was taken by the International Fleet and put into battle school
There, her goal was to make her name as the tough girl.
This confidence resulted in helping smaller guys out, one of which was Ender.
She taught Ender about the Battle School culture, and became close friends with him.
This led to her becoming part of Ender's Jeesh. Peter Wiggin Peter Wiggin is Ender's older brother.
As children, he was a bully to his younger brother.
In fact, the only reason he wasn't put into Battle School was because he was too aggressive.
While Ender was in Battle School, Peter and Valentine, their sister, started two online personalities.
These were Locke and Demosthenes, and they published articles on politics.
Locke and Demosthenes became the two most influential writers in the world, and nobody knew two kids were behind it.
When the war with the buggers ended and Valentine went with Ender to colonize a different planet, Peter took control of both personalities. The Kidnapping of Ender's Jeesh There were many who served with Ender in the final war with the buggers. These kids are often referred to as "Ender's Jeesh," Jeesh being Battle School slang for group.
Of these kids included Petra, Bean, and many others.
Once the war was over, everybody was sent home to their families.
Some nations saw the threat of the upcoming war on Earth, and decided that the Battle School grads would make great commanders.
This resulted in all but one of the members of Ender's Jeesh being kidnapped by Russia.
This was, of course, under the authority of Achilles.
The one who did not get kidnapped was Bean, this was because Achilles wanted Bean dead.
He tried twice to kill Bean, both times failed. Achilles Achilles is an interesting character.
He didn't make much of an appearance in Ender's Game, however he made a huge one in Ender's Shadow.
Achilles also grew up on the streets of Rotterdam, like Bean.
Bean was in a small group of kids led by a kid called Poke.
Bean made a plan for capturing one of the bigger kids and using them as a tool to find food.
Bean told Poke to use the kid with the broken leg, which was Achilles.
They pounced on Achilles, and despite Bean telling Poke to kill him, he convinced Poke that he could be a good asset to the team. This led to him taking full force of the group.
This is when his killer instinct comes in.
Achilles has a habit of killing anybody who has seen him in a state of helplessness.
So, he killed Poke.
Bean escaped before he could be killed and was put into Battle School.
Achilles was then transported to a hospital where his leg was taken care of.
He killed the surgeon.
He was then somehow put into Battle School where bean easily put him into a mental institution.
When he escaped the institution, he found himself in a high rank in Russia. Bean Finding Peter and Petra The only reason bean wasn't killed by Achilles was because he saw the danger coming.
As soon as Petra was kidnapped he took his family to the military to be protected.
Then, he went into hiding with the person who rescued him from Rotterdam.
They had one mission in hiding; find Petra.
Petra had found a way to code a message into an image that she attached to all outgoing emails.
This image quickly caught on and Bean found the code.
The message pretty much said Ender's Jeesh was hidden in a place in northern Russia and that Achilles was the one in charge.
Bean decided that the only way to rescue them was to expose Russia, and the only way to do that was to find Peter.
So they flew to Greensboro, North Carolina. This is where Peter lived.
When they finally convinced him and his parents that he should leave, he helped Bean into a high position in the Thai army and sent the message that Russia was using a Psychopath as their main military strategist.
Russia then released all but one of their captives. Climax (Rescuing Petra) The one person who was not released was Petra.
This was because Achilles picked her up on the way out because she sent the message.
The following events are considered spoilers by me so I'm going to skip to what I believe is the climax.
Bean and a Battle School friend in Thailand are flying with Bean's strike force with one goal, grab Petra.
The arrive in Hyderabad, where Achilles is.
Achilles has all of the Indian Battle School grads and Petra gathered in one room while his Chinese rescue team in coming.
When Bean arrives there, he takes out two of the choppers leaving Achilles with just one to escape with.
Bean then tries to negotiate with the Chinese colonel.
I will leave their decision up to you because it's a pretty big spoiler.
(Here's a hint, there's a twist.)
The events afterward are all considered falling action and are not worth explaining. Recommendations I would recommend this book to anybody who loves either the Science Fiction genre or the concept of children taking over the world. Before you read this book, you will need to read Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. Otherwise you won't really understand any of the book. I really enjoyed the book and I think the majority of the class would as well. Thank you for watching my presentation and I hope you consider Shadow of the Hegemon as a possibility for a Summer read.
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