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Refugee Boy - Benjamin Zephaniah

No description

Teegan Smith

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Refugee Boy - Benjamin Zephaniah

Refugee Boy
"No, young man, I just want you to try and be a good person."
Alems Father has faith that he will become a good man but, he feels its his job to tell him due to the sad situations around them.
That night Alem took longer than usual to fall asleep. He was excited about the prospect of school; he missed school and eager to take up the chance to learn English in school.
Pg. 95
School is something that Alem loves going to, this gives him a proper school with the language and blend in bit better.
"What did I tell you? From now on you must speak English, you must practice your English- all right, young man?"
"That will be all, sir. I'm sorry for keeping you and i thank you for your co-operation."
"Alem was still unmoved. He just replied very calmly, " I don't want any biscuits. If you want biscuits you can get them youself."
"After about fifteen minutes he came to the boundary fence. It was about six feet high. He climbed halfway, threw his bag over and then climbed the rest."
Walking through the airport and having many people judge you is difficult for Alem and his Father because they want to be excepted into the country without any troubles. Mr.Kelo was disappointed when he was taken with security to be checked out for safety reasons.
Having your language taken away is some thing that is very hard to sacrifice because is one things that means so much to us!
He does not understand how people would want ti fight for food when he is trying to save his country.
This shows how much he wants to get over the fence.
"The family is
This quote is meaningful because it shows that Alem does not have a lot of emotion towards the new family. He is unsure of showing his emotions towards a lot of people that aren't his Mother and Father.
"His voice was quiet conveying no obvious emotions. "No, please don't come in. I'm OK- I shall be down soon. Leave me alone for awhile. I will be down soon."
Alem is shy towards opening up to his foster home at first. It is awkward for him to show people his emotions because he does not like having a lot of questions asked.
"But it is only a
peace treaty
, a
peace deal
, a
piece of paper
. What we really want is a
culture of peace
! We want to raise a new generation of
peace makers
This is a very powerful quote because it shows how much Alem wants to have peace in his life alongside changing others lives too.
Pg. 286
"No,' Alem replied firmly, "My name is not Alan, it's Alem."
Alem is determined to keep his culture not only for himself but, for his family and his people.
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