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Epistemology and the Internet of things

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on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Epistemology and the Internet of things

Ori Freiman
Graduate Program for Science, Technology and Society
Bar-Ilan University

Epistemology and the Internet of things
Epistemological Issues
The Internet of Things
What is Epistemology?
True Belief
Edmund Gettier
Counter examples for
Knowledge is individualistic
Knowledge is also a social phenomenon
we trust others (testimony)
division of cognitive labor
(radicals see knowledge as social)
Knowledge as a
technological phenomenon
Much of what we know relies on machines & algorithms
Theory of knowledge
Can a technological artifact (or system) know?
knowledge is an anthropocentric concept
Cognitive processes
Technological processes
the relations between
Trust formation
Testimonial Knowledge
Belief Aggregation
Many IoT measuring devices
different results,
different reputation,
NOT a democratic decision
expert 1 VS expert 2 VS ...
Google knows
Today's Mission
Translate social and ethical concerns
to engineers and regulators
Take into consideration social issues
before design is made
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