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Global Vision Club - Introductory meeting

No description

Adel Salimullin

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of Global Vision Club - Introductory meeting

In your eyes I see a dream
The Dream of great and better life
Humans' mind flow in the stream
To make this dream to come alive...
What positions do we have in the Club?
1. Organizer (doer)
2. Media
*a. Social
*b. Video/Audio
*c. Posters
3. Quality Control
4. Outreach
5. Communication
6. Communities participants
7. Information serach and update

What are our plans?
Global Vision Club - Introductory meeting
What is Global Vision?
What can a single individual do to make the World a better place? We believe that one can make a huge difference if he/she follows four principles:
Unity, Morality, Globalism, and Development
Global Vision Club is a place where students, other clubs, organizations, and associations can grow and develop.
Morality (Positive Action)
What do we do?
Seminars and Conferences
CV development
Organizational Experience
Social Activities
Communities and Associations
Unifying our efforts into postive action
What is expected from a member of a Global Vision?
Making 100%of each second we have
Not being afraid of taking actions and making mistakes
Always finding new ways...
Doing what you say
A capella association
Rhetoric&Language Community
World Literature Community
Universal arts association
Creating a new "Global Culture"
Creating a new trend of positive action through Art (Music, Visual art, Literature)
Gathering Team of Geniuses for future work
Are you up to change the Future?!
YES! I am ready for a change!
The Ideas are coming True!
Effective strategy, realistic goals and creative teamwork...
Simply enjoying, dicovering, and living it up!
Organizing pofessional conferences and seminars
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