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The Battle of San Jacinto and Victoria

No description

Shillpa Kumar

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of San Jacinto and Victoria

South Texas Battles: Victoria
The Battle of San Jacinto
Sam Houston led the regular
army to battle.
Texas Leaders:
Sam Houston (led the regular army)
Colonel James Walker Fannin Jr. (led about 450 volunteers)
General Sam Houston was the leader of the regular army (who fought in the battle of San Jacinto).
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led the Mexican army to battle.
Mexican Leaders
April 21, 1836
Texas Leaders
The battle lasted 18 minutes total
Number of Deaths and Captures
630 Mexican soldiers were killed; 730 were captured as prisoners of war. Santa Anna was captured the following day (of the battle).
Only 9 Texans died.
The battle was fought in present day Harris County, Texas.
It was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. The Texans won it's independence to become a country. Three weeks later, Santa Anna signed a peace treaty that dictated that the Mexican Army would leave the region.
The Battle of Victoria and San Jacinto
January 1836
Texas Leaders
Martin De Leon and the Victorian citizens fought for Texas Independence.
Mexican Leaders
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and General Jose Urrea.
Santa Anna wanted General Jose Urrea to take troops to Goliad. Victoria was occupied by Urrea's Mexican troops, but Victoria citizen secretely.
The small army of Victorian citizens lost against Santa Anna.
By: Shreya Jain
And Shillpa Kumar
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