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Henry Hudson

No description

Olivia Francis

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson
About him
he was born in 1570 in England
There is little information about the early life of him but he probably would have studied cartography, navigation, astronomy, mathematics and seamanship
In 1607, he sailed to Spitzbergen and discovered Jan Mayen Island (an island off the coast of eastern Greenland
In 1607 he was hired by the Muscovy to discover a waterway from Europe to Asia but failed after two attempts
In 1608, he sailed to Novaya Zemlya (an island north of Russia in the Arctic Ocean)
Northwest Passage
Hudson was hired by the Dutch East India Company in 1609, to try to find the Northwest Passage to India
He was on a ship called the Half Moon and sailed to Nova Scotia and then south
He discovered what is now called the Hudson River
He is given the credit for discovering the location of New York even though someone else had sailed by it in 1524
On September 3, 1609 he sailed up the Hudson River about 150 miles and noted the rich land, but found that it was a waterway to India
Henry Hudson died in 1611 after his crew left him, his son, and seven crew members adrift in a small open boat in the middle of Hudson Bay
random facts
- Henry Hudson married Katherine and they had three sons named John, Richard and Oliver.
-Hudson has 3 different waterway's named after him.
-Hudson was from a very wealthy family
-Henry Hudson only lived for about 40-46 years
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