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No description

Stephanie Fryer

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Blank

Below target for all branches except Soshanguve FNB EasyPlan Pretoria Branches Current Situation {Findings} Recommendations Staff Education Plan 1 Airtime Reward
Scheme FNB EasyPlan Products Easy Account
Easy Loan
Easy Funeral Plan
Easy 32 Day Interest Plus
Easy Flexi Fixed Deposit Paul Kruger Manager:
Trainees: Thabelo
2 Arcadia Manager:
Trainees: None
0 Station Square Manager:
Trainees: Grace
2 Pretoria CBD Manager:
Trainees: Melissa
2 Tramshed Manager:
Trainees: Peter
1 Marketing Staff
Relations 2 3 4 5 6 Staff Relations Salary Structure Manager view on consultants Training Staff structure Knowledge Sales Targets Poor
Cross-Selling Sales
Targets Problem Statement Introduction Objectives Methodology Group 10 Banking Channels Emersions EasyPlan Business
Incentives Cross-selling Commission Booster Manager driven training Technology iPad The EasyPlan branches are finding it difficult to:
Achieve the monthly sales targets
Maintain higher cross-selling figures Observe and gather data Prepare questionnaires Analyse Not meeting targets
Negative perceptions Targets hardly being met
Customer preference vs consultant selling ability 1 2 3 4 This project’s primary objective is to
propose activities to be done by:
The sales consultants,
Branch managers and
The bank itself
to improve cross-selling and achieve the monthly sales targets. Prepare conclusions
and recommendations Above target for most branches
Problem areas due to location Thank you for your time and attention 2500 basic + Commission

R5500 basic + R2100 Scheme Incentive + Commission

R5500 basic + R3300 Scheme Incentive + Commission

R5500 + R4300 Scheme Incentive + Commission Bronze (contract work) Silver Gold Platinum Marketing Advertising is focused on unsecured loans and not on less popular products Trainees - employed for number of months without any training. Ineffective communication from managers to FNB regarding training for consultants and trainees. Customers are unaware of the products offered by FNB EasyPlan Sales consultants tend to leave once received sufficient training. Loans are not being paid out in ten minutes as advertised Some trainees/bronze consultants = not knowledgeable enough about the products. 2 contract sales consultants, 2 trainees and 1 branch manager.

Many branches = no branch manager. Customers do not want to feel that they are getting different treatment than FNB branch and -flagship customers. Customers expect to be part of rewards programmes. Pessimistic
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