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Kibale Forest National Park

No description

Dyaln Endres

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest
National Park Here's the map
of the country!!! What country is the park in? Here's the map of
the park itself!!! What does the land look like? Kibale National Park
is nearly 800 square
kilometers of tropical
rain forest. What kinds of animals can
be found there? Kibale National Park
is home to 13 different
species of primates! Ugandan Red Colobus:
a threatened species. A common chimpanzee:
Chimpanze. Ils sont trouver
partout le monde dans les
zoos. Differente d'autre
primates, chimpanzes sont
omnivores. Ils vivent dans
petits groupes. Kibale is also the home of
over 325 species of birds! Though I only saw three, it's safe to say this is my favorite bird in Kibale. The Long-Crested Eagle. I mean... it kind of has a mohawk! Haha... an eagle with a moHAWK... Long-Crusted Eagle: Crete Longue Aigle
Ils mangent les rongeurs et sont trouver
dans le suds d'afrique. Ils sont tres petits,
a piene 55 centimetres haut. Kibale is also host to a transient
population of elephants that travel back and forth between it and neighboring Queen Elizabeth National park. The African Elephant: Le elephant africain.
Le elephant africain est trouver en Afrique
et dans les zoos. Ils sont le plus grande animaux terrestres dans le monde! Ils mangent presque 450 kilos de plantes en un jour (nearly 1000 pounds). THE END... Thanks for watching!
Merci pour regarder!
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