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constellations/courtney dimitris

No description

courtney dimitris

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of constellations/courtney dimitris

GEMINI The Twins
May 22 to June 21 The four brightest stars are Al hena, Castor, tejat, and Pollux One day Zeus met Leda, the wife of the King of Sparta, Tyndareos. To get Leda Zeus changed himself to a swan. Leda gave birth to the twins Pollux and Castor and to a girl named Helena. This was the same Helena who was robbed by Paris and brought to Troja; this was the reason for the start of the trojanian war. The names of the two brightest stars of this constellation, Castor and Pollux, can be found in the greek mythology: Pollux, as the son of a god, was immortal and was renowned for his strength, while his mortal brother Castor was famous for his skill with horses. Both brothers voyaged in search of the Golden Fleece as Argonauts, and then fought in the Trojan War to bring their sister home to her husband Menelaus. They are traditionally depicted as armed with spears and riding a matched pair of snow-white horses. The most common explanation for their presence in the heavens is that Pollux was overcome with sorrow when his mortal brother died, and begged Zues to allow him to share his immortality. Zues, acknowledging the heroism of both brothers, consented and reunited the pair in the heavens. Castor and Pollux were unique among those placed in the sky in that they are not represented merely as a constellation but as actual stars which mark the twin's heads in the constellation. Castor is bright white binary star, while Pollux is orange. They may be found between Cancer and Taurus Gemini is easy to find as it glides high overhead in mid-winter, above and to the left of Orion. NAME APP. ABS. COLOR TEMP. LIGHT TYPE
Tejat 2.8 2.88 orange 3650 232 K
Wasat 3.5 3 yellow-white 6700 59 F
Al Hena 1.93 1.93 blue-white 9000 105 A
Castor 1.58 1.58 blue-white 9500 51 A
Pollux 1.16 1.14 orange 4770 34 K
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