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technology of the future by katherine horton

a guide to the technology of the future.

katherine horton

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of technology of the future by katherine horton

smart homes! homes are going to be so high tech were barely going to have to leave our own homes.

like the look of the house? what about this.
technology of the future! future transport!
homes are becoming so high tech built with lots of gadgets to go with them... smart home gadgets! as the designs of the homes get more high-tech so do the gadgets. here are some awesome gadgets that could be in our homes in the next couple of years. wireless kettles wireless kettles let you have boiled water anywhere in the house and work with no wires at all. you could be in te garden... you want a coffee, normally you would have to get up go to the kitchen boil the kettle then... w
. with the wireless kettle you can boil water anywhere. even (not recomended) on the bus! tables with built in induction heating coils a new table has been designed, built in with coils that you can heat anything on. you can cook your dinner or even defrost things! now you have the home and the gadgets, you need the transport to get you places... scientists have designed a car that could be run on all the pollution in the air. this is a really good idea because not only will fuel prices become really cheap, the pollution will never run out. it will go through the engine out the exaust and back into the atmosphere to be reused. d
s c
s these driverless cabs are pretty self explanetery
the cabs cost the same as a bus ticket and use 75%
less energy per person than a car and 50% less energy
per person on a bus home watering system this is an amazing piece of technology thatets you water any house or potte#d plant at he touch of a button. if you like plants or you just happen to have alot of plants, watering them all can be a huge challenge, now with this all you do is press a button and the plant is being watered while you r e l a x ...
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