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November Blues

This story is about one night can change a life forever. It's a realistic fiction story written by: Sharon Draper!

bianca harris

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of November Blues

This story tells you how one night can change al life. Also it's a realitsic ficticion story! Characterization
Protagonist- November Nelson
Antagonist- (Josh's parents) Mr. & Mrs. Prescott
The conflict in Literaure is Man Vs. Man, and the story is told in 3rd person. November Blues
By: Sharon M.
Draper Two teens...... One shared grief.... Jericho
Josh Prescott's death in a freak hazing accident left his cousin (Jericho) consumed with guilt, unable to enjoy the things hat ave him pleasure when josh was alive, like his beloved trumpet. Jericho turns to football where the pain is physical and numbing.
For Josh's girlfriend, November, the loss is even more devastaring especially when she learns that Josh left something behind that will change her life forever! How will she deal with the trayma an tragedy? How will she deal with the demnds of Josh's parents as well as her own? November
November need Jericho's support as she deals with her shattered hopes and dreams for the future, and faces the greatest challenge of her life, but Jericho faces his own challenges- on the football field and in his love life. Will his torment prevent him from being there for November whenshe needs him the most? Creation of: Bianca Harris
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