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Nail Polish

No description

Jenee Williams

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Nail Polish

Jenee Williams Nail Polish Tpes of Polish Nail polish and designs can tell alot about a person throught the year the nail polish trends and designs have dramatically changed. Here are a few of the trending designs. Trends invented in ancient China
It played a very intricate role in the lives of the people back then
it helped determine social status In the Beginning Nail Polish The Good The Bad and the Ugly
Acrylic coating is applied using a mixture of acrylic liquid and acrylic powder. A brush is then dipped into this liquid and gently stroked onto the natural nail
the gel is thinly brushed onto the nail plate one coat at a time, with brief intervals of ultraviolet light shining upon the nail in between coats in order to harden the coating Matte: They have no shine or shimmer in them, are difficult to apply and may lead to streakiness.

Sheer: These have a transparent finish and usually come in the shades of pinks or nudes.

Pearl: These have a little sheen in them just like a pearl i.e. they aren’t sparkly like a disco ball.

Metallic: As the name suggests these have metal like finish in them. Most popular shades are gold, copper and silver.

Glitter: These contain chunks of glitter in them though the size of the glitter may vary from brand to brand. The finish of these may not be very smooth. Matte Sheer Pearl Metallic Glitter Graphic Tips Nude Shimmer Pop of color Herringbone Mani Ombre Crackle Matte vs. Shine Racing Stripes Reverse French Manicures the splatter nail Acrylic vs. Gel vs. Shellac Gel Gel Shellac Shellac Acrylic Acrylic start with clean, buffed nails
Clean underneath your nails
Apply nail polish in two thin coats
Be sure to remove excess polish from brush before applying coats
brush each nail in 3 strokes
the first brushstroke in the center of your nail
a brushstroke on the left side of your nail
finally the right side of your nail
Overlap each stroke to be sure and apply evenly
remove excess nail polish around the side of the nails
Apply a topcoat to prevent chipping The Bad The Ugly Tuxedo Shellac isn't gel nail polish its new innovated polish that is chip free all you do is thin coats of polish on your natural nail, with a brief time for curing under a UV lamp between every coat.
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