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Red Scare of 1919

No description

Brianna wilson

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Red Scare of 1919

of 1919-1920 Red Scare What was the Red Scare ? The strike had a big impact on people. Ever since the strike and workers walking off the job, homes had to stock up on supplies and other things that they needed for their homes and families since their husbands were not working Seattle General Strike of 1919 How was labor involved? The Red Scare of 1919-1920 was the fear of Communism taking over the United States. The Bolsheviks of Russia had just finished a revolution started in 1917, and they were expanding their views westward. Attorney General Palmer saw the bombs as a Communist plot to sabotage the US givernment, so he ordered the FBI to infiltrate American Communist organizations. The target people were radical alien immigrants, but many of the arrests made were incorrect because the immigrants were American citizens and not Communists. A five day, non violent strike with 65,000 or more workers protesting about the wages after WWI. The Gov't says the strike it works of the Bolsheviks, who were communist,. Americans thought that the Communists were going to strike from labor unions because Communists were heavy in the work force. At this time, many workers started to go on strike to increase their wages because inflation in the economy was increasing. Progressive and conservative politicians saw the strikes as the beginning of the takeover, and the press portrayed them as conspiracies against the government. Americans became afraid to express their views on anything because they thought they would be viewed as Communists. After a while, however, they because tired of Palmer's extreme actions. The Red Scare itself faded fast, but it was an event that showed how citizens wanted peace and business growth. How did it become a national problem? As the Bolsheviks started to take over European countries, Americans started to panic. In the spring of 1919, there were several bombs found in the mail of important American leaders, causing instant drama. Works Cited How was the problem to be solved? How was America affected? "47a. The Red Scare." The Red Scare [ushistory.org]. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

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