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No description

Macie Brogan

on 6 July 2013

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Transcript of Iphone!

The Generation
The Price
The Awesome Factor
An IPhone!(:
By Your Cutie, Macie!
I looked into it, and i found out that the
Iphone5 may be a little bit too overrated.
-it would NEVER fit in my pocket
-the only difference from the 4s is that
the 5 has Panorama(and i've used
panorama, it kinda sucks.. cause every
one has to stay really still or it screws up.
-Its Wayyyyy to expensive....
Now i was searching all over ebay to find
a new iphone 5 and everything, then once
i realized the 4s was just as good i found an
iphone 4s for under $400!!!!

However, there is a plan for the phone...
Since my Phone always freezes and i have to
restart it everyday, i think its time to get a new
phone. The reason i like the Iphone is because
of the app store they have.... since i dont have an
ipod touch, or a tablet with the itunes store on it
i thought it would be convieniant to have it all in

Plus there is A front facing camera!(;
Its paid Monthly, so if you loose your job tomorrow (-_-) you wont owe any money! Thank you Virgin Mobile!(;
There's only one problem....
which case is 'my summer colors'? (;
free s+h
free s+h
well dad? what do you think?:D
Prezi Totally Rocks!!!!!
So does the IPhone 4s!<3
Why it's resonable..
my ipod doesnt work anymore, so if i were to get a new one it would cost from $250-$300. So, if you're paying 250-300 of the $382, that makes a really cheap iphone:P Plus they have a really cool app store(;
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