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Aromatherapy Presentation- PNI

No description

Amanda Brock

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Aromatherapy Presentation- PNI

The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy on Coping with Stress and Anxiety Presentation by: Maggie Zemere and Amanda Brock What is Aromatherapy? It is defined by the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy as "the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well-being."
Methods of Application
Massage oils, Topical Preparations (lotions), Bath, Inhalation, Environmental Fragrances (Diffusers), and Perfumes. Article 1 Article 2 Evaluation of Effects of Lavender and Peppermint Aromatherapy Using Sensitive Salivary Endocrinological Stress Markers The Effect of Lavender Oil on Stress, Bispectral
Index Values and Needle Insertion Pain in Volunteers Materials and Methods
21 female college students (21-27 years old)
randomly assigned to three groups: (n=7)
odorless jojoba oil (control)
10-division visual analogue scale
samples taken before/after exposure and at 5 min. and 10 min. after exposure.
Salivette System- cotton wad Article 1 Results:
Peppermint Group
Significant decrease in perception of stress
Significant higher levels of CgA ??
Significant decrease in salivary cortisol- decreased more at 5 and 10 min. samples
Lavender Group
Perception of stress decreased slowly
No significant change in CgA levels
Higher levels of Cortisol!! ??
Control Group
no reports of variation in perceived stress
no significant change in CgA levels
no significant change in cortisol Article 2 Comparing Both Articles: Contrasting Both Articles: Article 1

Peppermint wonders!
CgA ?
good vs. poor sleep Concerns: Only women
small sample size
narrow age range (21-27) Both articles researched the same age range of participants.
Both used the 10-point visual analogue scale to determine level of stress.
Both evaluated Lavender oil.
Both articles showed a decrease in stress perception after lavender aromatherapy. Lavender vs. Lavender and Peppermint
Toda and Morimoto did not manipulate environment to induce a stressful event.
One article only researched women, while the other looked at both male and females.
One article used an oxygen mask as a means of inhalation of the aromatherapy, while the other article used filter paper.
The Toda and Morimoto article measured salivary cortisol and CgA levels while the other article looked at stress perception levels, and pain levels but not Objective data. References: Jones, R. (2013). TEN FOR TODAY. Aromatherapy The Skilled Use
of Essential Oils. Massage & Bodywork, 28(2), 23-25
Kim, S., Kim, H., Yeo, J., Hong, S., Lee, J., & Jeon, Y. (2011). The
Effect of Lavender Oil on Stress, Bispectral Index Values, and Needle Insertion Pain in Volunteers. Journal Of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 17(9), 823-826. doi:10.1089/acm.2010.0644
Toda, M., & Morimoto, K. (2011). Evaluation of Effects of Lavender
and Peppermint Aromatherapy Using Sensitive Salivary Endocrinological Stress Markers. Stress & Health: Journal Of The International Society For The Investigation Of Stress, 27(5), 430-435. Article 2 Pre-Operative Benefits Concerns: small sample size
narrow age range
non-dominant vs. dominant
hand results Materials and Methods
30 healthy random individuals
Divided into two groups (n=15)
Lavender vs. oxygen
Measuring BIS levels and level of stress using visual analogue scale
Baseline acquired
One minute later, 25 gauge needle inserted vertically 3mm into skin of non dominant hand for 30 seconds
Pain level – visual analogue scale
Lavender group
Two drops of 2 % lavender with jojoba oil applied with cotton swab to inside of oxygen mask – inhaled for 5 minutes
Oxygen with no oil for 5 minutes
BIS levels measured 5 – 25 minutes at 5 minute intervals post-inhalation therapy
Stress level measured 6 min post inhalation Results: Lavender group
Significant decrease in stress level after
Significant decrease in pain intensity level
BIS level decreased
Control group
Increase in pain intensity
Small decrease in stress level
No change in BIS level Conclusion - Overall there seems to be sufficient evidence that aromatherapy can effectively help a person manage stress levels. Conclusion:
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