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Lesson 8- Phases of Learning

AS OCR PE Acquiring Movement Skills

Joe Crane

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 8- Phases of Learning

Phases of Learning


Fitts and Posners

3 phases of learning
Lesson Objectives:
Cognitive Stage……
Primarily about gaining information about the skill model.
Associative Stage…..
Stage is normally longer than cognitive.
Autonomous Stage
Skill improvement
continues but less rapid.
High levels of
smoothness, efficiency,
accuracy & performed
without stress.
Progress results from
attention to fine details.

Becomes habitual.
Performer analysing own
performer & adjust own
Performer can pay
attention to increasingly
complex tactical &
situational consideration
Little/no practice occurs except towards the end of the stage.
Organising the cognitive process to produce movement.
Begin to demonstrate characteristics of skill.
Skilled actions get smoother, more accurate, better timed & more efficient.
A stage of rapid improvement.
Makes fewer mistakes.
Performer gradually gets more successful.
Skill improvement from
self-evaluation, mental
practice & self motivation.
to the performance of the
Less conscious attention
your knowledge to a past exam paper question.

phase of learning.
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