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The Coolest Car in the World (Literally)

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Moriah Doepken

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of The Coolest Car in the World (Literally)

This Car's Effect So Far
Before the car was implemented, only 9% of cardiac arrests attended by ambulances survived every year worldwide.

London now has the highest ever cardiac arrest survival rate at 48%. Part of this is due to the cooling system and automated compression machine, but hospitals are also giving credit to civilians who have stepped up and have tried CPR on 55.8% of victims of cardiac arrest.
Why We Need It
This cool car has proven to be extremely beneficial to people's lives and therefore should be implanted in more cities and countries. The basic idea is that every minute counts, and helping people sooner rather than later is important.

This concept isn't totally new, though, and will not be a financial blow to anyone, especially considering the positive outcomes. Hospitals already have been doing therapeutic hypothermia, the cool car is just the first to move it into a vehicle to help survival rates.

Most ambulances get to a cardiac arrest in about 8 minutes, where the brain is already starting to get damage, so why wait another 8 when you can start helping now?
Automated Compression Machine
Cardiac Arrest
What is it?
This Cool Car
This is where the coolest car in London steps in. Although it may not look like much, it's going on to decrease the number of deaths related to cardiac arrest.
This ambulance has a cooling system to help patients cool down, since it's been proven that keeping the patient in between 32C-36C (86F-89.8F) helps reduce the amount of permanent brain damage.
How It Works
This car, although the technology isn't new, is a breakthrough with saving lives and should be used as an example around the world to save lives. In this situation there aren't really any cons, only pros.
The Coolest Car in the World (Literally)
By Moriah Doepken



As defined by the American Heart Association, cardiac arrest is "the abrupt loss of heart function in a person".
Cardiac arrest is caused by failure or an error in the heart's electrical system. This can be due to irregular beating.
Risk Factors?
People are at a higher risk for cardiac arrest if:
They have an enlarged heart
Scarring from a prior heart attack
Thick heart muscle
Heart medications
Recreational drug use
Electrical/blood vessel abnormalities
Since cardiac arrest is sudden and can happen to anyone, the symptoms are drastic:
Sudden collapse
No breathing
No pulse
Within three minutes of cardiac arrest, the patient's brain can start dying, so a therapeutic hypothermia is introduced to them. This coldness slows down their metabolism, which in turn means they don't need as much oxygen flow.

This is done by placing ice packs at the armpits and groin, and two liters of saline fluid are delivered into the veins.

In addition, this car also has an automated CPR machine, which delivers chest compressions without breaks.
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