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Gay and Lesbian Adoption

Do you support Gay and Lesbian adoption?

chelsea lindsey

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Gay and Lesbian Adoption

It all starts with LOVE<3 Relationships LOVE that a child shows LOVE is GENDERLESS Do you believe homosexuals have the right to adopt? Families Support There is NO color barrier when it comes to LOVE When a child feels loved does it matter what the parents look like? Has it been proven that children are loved more in a home with heterosexual parents? Should a childs welfare be sacrificed
because a gay/lesbian couple
may want to adopt them? “Kids need love and you deserve to have a full life....Never Never Never...live your life based on what others think of you....there are so many kids that are left in group homes their whole lifes by people who want whats best for them but never step up and give them the family and love they need. I hate any one who hurts kids gay or straight and would be the first person to toss them in prison....Let your heart show you whats right not others crazy ideas.” “As long as they are able to provide love and shelter to a child then I don’t see a problem with that...There are so many unwanted kids in the system that grow up in group homes I think it is amazing when they are adopted and become a family”
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